Creating shared value is a major pillar under the Ambition 2025 strategy of MTN. Giving back to the community is part of creating shared value in the communities within which MTN operates.

In a country whose population is majorly comprised of youth, MTN Uganda has innovated ways of involving young people of all walks of lives in its corporate social responsibility.

Under MTN Uganda’s Women at Work program, MTN Uganda runs a school’s outreach program through which the company gives back to various schools around the country through mentorship.

Mariam Nakafeero an Account Manager at MTN Uganda’s Business Enterprise Unit says that the mentorship program entails talking to the students about self-awareness to help them identify where they strive and where they require support.

“That will naturally snowball into academic excellence. We want them to thrive even in the school arena where they are operating right now. We want them to strive to be the best and then that will lead to innovations,” says Nakafeero, “Even at their level, there are so many things that they can do. They are very capable. If you talk to them, you’ll find very brilliant ideas coming from them.”

MTN Uganda is intent on walking its journey of leading digital solutions for Africa’s progress with the youth.

“We want to be able to serve our nation, to serve Africa, and provide the benefits of a modern, connected life to every Ugandan while actively working with the youth”, Nakafeero says.

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