Mudas Still Hunted In Gangu

Mudas Still Hunted In Gangu

It looks like the dust that was raised by Mudas Bossa has not settled yet.

Bossa is a former resident of Buziga Gangu trading Centre in Makindye division, who was romoured to have engaged in same sex steamy affairs that forced residents to banish him from the area.

Bossa’s homosexual allegations worsened in 2014 when he was nabbed engaging in a homosexual affair with a fellow man only identified as Steven Okello.

The two were caught red-handed getting erotic by the residents of Gaba who were trailing them unawares.

Because of the shame and humiliation he endured on being caught, Bossa disappeared from Gangu in April 2014 after his family members reported the case at Gaba Police Station.

Sources add that Bossa was forced to disappear from Gangu to keep away from the stigma, mockery and threats on his life plus the scorn that his family members were subjected to.

After learning that residents and his family had decided to make life difficult for him, Bossa fled to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, Okello’s family members are still hunting for him to face the long arm of the law and last year they opened another case at Lyantonde Police headquarters.

After failing to locate his whereabouts, Okello’s family has been pestering police to do more investigation and tracking of Bossa’s whereabouts who they suspect to be hiding in Uganda or in the neighbouring countries.