Mugula new Kickboxing champion

Mukula sends Nagy to the ground

By John Batanudde

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Farouk Kimera beat James Bikwaya
Sharif Bukenya beat Willy Komaketch
John Tumukunde beat Ronald Odoch
Musa Batantu beat Alex Masiko

Mugula sends Nagy to the ground

Uganda’s Kick boxer Ronald Mugula was on Saturday morning crowned the new Kick boxing champion after knocking out Hungarian Nagy at Kyadodo rugby grounds.
It took the 27 year old Ugandan just 3minutes and 45 seconds to finish up Nagy   who was the most feared on the Ugandan soil   after the Hungarian   floored   Moses Golola on his last Visit.

Nagy got a cut on his left eye which forced the referee to stop the contest. The Hungarian received three stitches before rushing him to the hospital.
After the fight Mugula said that he wants to defend all the titles he holds,  the World Kick boxing and European title here in Uganda.
“after Nagy I want to show the world and Ugandans are not easy now I want to finish another deal with Szamboki Matte then I will call on all the companies back home to support me and we defend the titles.

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10 thoughts on “Mugula new Kickboxing champion

  1. Thanks for showing us the way they do it.
    Anyway keep the flag flying high. The New game introduced on the soil by Gogola has got a new breath of life. Happy Jubilee rewards after Kiprotich and a disappointing defeat at Nambole. Big up bro Mugula

  2. wama now you are talking leave alone Golola with many words! Golola talk is cheap but we need action.

    1. sure it sound a bit of relief to many of us, anyway we are not total losers it’s always managers en couches letting us down.

  3. back to the roots. remember late presdent IDI AMIN. once said the only way to defend your tittle is by knock out. no need for xtra points.

  4. winning for the first time,he has to keep it up because his critics cant wait for the time he will fall ,to them the first victory was sheer luck.

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