MUK Exams: Former Students Call for Change of Assessment Model

Makerere University man Building

A section of former Makerere University students want the administration to publish the list of all students involved in the recent examination scam and withdraw their transcripts.

They argue that this is the only way management will restore public confidence in the institution.

Noah Kyeyune, one of the January graduate says he is disappointment that his Alma mater could be tainted with results fraud.

Kyeyune who graduated with a Bachelors’ of Arts Education degree says all Makerere university papers risk being doubted by employers if the university doesn’t provide a satisfactory explanation to the problem.

He says it will be unfair for students who attended lectures and got genuine results to be lumped together with fraudsters.

Ivan Kabaale, a fresh graduate of Economics from Makerere University agrees with Kyeyune. Kabaale says his experience at Makerere was like living in hell.

Kabaale revealed that many times the university mixes up results of students yet lecturers are unwilling to help. He explains that, in his second year he struggled after his lecturer couldn’t locate his quantitative economics results.

Kabaale says that he was taken into the strong room and asked to go through a pile of papers to locate his scripts.

Kabaale also tasked the university to find other means of examining students rather than the cumulative assessment that is being carried out.

Professor Ddumba Ssentamu, the Makerere University Vice chancellor agrees with the students on the need to protect the name of the university.

He says being a public university all the people should be interested in its affairs adding that, there shouldn’t a room for the university products to be doubted.

Ddumba however, assured the public that, Makerere can never send out graduates who have no skills and the public should treat the recent incident as an isolated case

He discloses that while investigations into the circumstances leading to the award of more than 600 fake degrees are ongoing, management has embarked enforcing measures to ensure the university is beyond reproach.

Ddumba says the university has already penalized continuing students who attempted to alter their results. Irene Nabanja, a senior staff and acting human resource officer Afro Freight Clearing and Forwarding Uganda Limited says Makerere has to do something to clean face.

Nabanja says that Makerere University students often get the first priority in the job market, but the issue of fake degrees casts the wrong image on the university.

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