MUK Staff Pledge Support for Museveni

On the request of the inspector General of Police, Makerere university staff have agreed to support president Museveni in the coming elections.

kaguta sevo

They said this was the only way they could thank him for enhancing their salaries.

“I am telling you, the president is committed to improving the quality of lives of Ugandans and Africa, let’s all support him. I am telling you this as an intelligence officer who has done my investigation, but am not a politician, campaigning for him, (Museveni), that is the reality.”

The staff observed that since the president has scratched their back, they will also scratch his by supporting him overwhelmingly.

“Our promise is that we shall support president Museveni overwhelmingly in the coming elections. If he has managed to scratch our backs by delivering to his promise, we shall also scratch his with votes,” said, Jackson Betihamah, chairperson PUNTISEF.

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