Mukula Says NRM is Gaining Ground over Manifesto Delivery, FDC, NUP Losing Over Internal Divisions, Poor Performance

A Collage of Bobiwine, Mukula and Amuriat

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Vice Chairperson for Eastern Uganda Capt. George Michael Mukula has revealed that the decline in support for opposition political parties is severe due to internal divisions and poor performance by their respective leaders.

Mukula, a prominent businessman who represented Soroti Municipality from 1996 to 2016 in Parliament, says he is proud his ruling NRM Party has gained more support around all due to implementation of its manifesto.

‘’ The consolidation and increase of support for NRM by the masses is because of the NRM manifesto delivery. Currently the Parish Development Model (PDM) is going to address the direct expectations of the people at the lowest level. Other important achievements of the NRM are infrastructure (Roads) and electricity’’, noted Mukula.

To attest his argument, Mukula highlighted that in the recent elections, FDC Presidential Flag bearer who also comes from Teso polled only 3% a very big decline from his predecessor, Rt.Col.Dr . Kiiza Besigye who garnered 35% in the 2016 general elections.

‘’You can see how FDC has lost support in Kasese , Northern Uganda (Acholi) , Teso and Buganda .FDC internal divisions that led to Mugisha Muntu’s exit from the party to form ANT with a number of supporters are one of the reasons for their weaknesses and poor performance’’, added Mukula.

This comes after Mukula over the weekend received two FDC Former MP Aspirants who joined NRM .The two are said to be among the hundreds of leaders and supporters defecting every new day to NRM including members of the NUP.

Mukula received into the NRM Party two former West Budama North MP Aspirants; Okongo Chris and Osinde Opendi, who have been FDC Leaders.

The opposition has in the previous elections failed to choose a single candidate to challenge President Yoweri Museveni in the presidential election despite various talks and to supporters, it is alleged that this has been viewed as having selfish opposition leaders.

Mukula added that; ‘’The same is happening to NUP .Kyagulanyi and his party are losing support in Buganda following the under performance of its MPs and other leaders against the expectations of their voters’’, he noted.

Mukula says despite the high cost of fuel as a result of the ongoing Russia -Ukraine war which has pushed the prices of commodities up and being the main challenge the country is facing however ,the presence of security fro all corners of the country is a biggest achievement or the citizens the NRM government is undertaking.

The flight Captain has further asked his NRM leadership to improve tremendously on service delivery especially in Healthcare, Education, intensify the fight against corruption and tackling issues affecting the Youth.

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