MUKULA TROUBLES INCREASE: New MUK Guild President Eyes His Seat


Saucy Adeke Anna Ebaju casting her vote at law school yesterday (Photo by Hope Muhairwe)Barely a day after winning the Makerere University Guild elections, Adeke Ann Ebaju already has her eyes set on the Soroti Municipality Parliamentary seat in 2016.
The 22 year old student has also vowed to push the University administration to reconsider its decision on the 60% tuition policy.
Adeke, a third year law student, won the guild race with 60.08% of the total votes cast beating seven other candidates.
She becomes the fourth female guild president of Makerere after Juliana Norah Njuba, Sarah Kagingo and Susan Abbo in 1987, 1998, 2007 respectively.
A member of the Forum for Democratic Change party, Adeke is a good debater who was among the best nine at World International Debates 2011. But she is not much known in the FDC youth circles and it took the intervention of FDC youth wing president Moses Byamugisha to get the strings tied between her and other party leaders.
The excitement of winning the election has not yet washed off Adeke’s face as she still shouts the winning chant at her supporters on campus.
The student leader hails from Soroti district and has attended Kireka Grammar Junior School, Our Lady of Good Counsel Gayaza and St. Mary’s Kitende before joining Makerere University.

She says the university should consider revisiting the fees police that requires private students to pay at least 60% of their tuition by the sixth week of the semester. Students staged a series of strikes two weeks ago over this policy, saying it is ill-thought.
Among her other plans, Adeke is seeking to reinstitute the demand for an anti-sexual harassment policy for the university.
Beyond Makerere, Adeke wants to stand for the Soroti Municipality seat currently occupied by former health state minister, Capt Mike Mukula, who was in January 18 sentenced to four years in jail for embezzlement.
Harris Akampurira, her political assistant describes her as a hardworking team member with vocally convincing skills.
The road to politics has only just commenced for Adeke though she says education and Makerere guild leadership are her priorities for now.
Asked about the culture of strikes that has bedeviled previous guild presidents, she says dialogue is the only way forward in institutions of greater understanding like Makerere.
She however doesn’t rule out the need for a strike when the round-table discussion fails to yield results. Adeke is set to be sworn in next week with fellow guild members.

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4 thoughts on “MUKULA TROUBLES INCREASE: New MUK Guild President Eyes His Seat

  1. Being FDC, she doesn’t rule out the need for a strike when the round-table
    discussion fails to yield results.This is the mind set and spirit instilled in the young generation from the Besigye’s and Nandalas of this world. Its a pity

    1. Nansamba Irene, i like your post. It make me believe that you are surely a victim of your own conscience. You should not mix sentiment you have with Besigye and Nandala with the resilience the young generation are building to sustain their future. If you are sleeping, invite a friend to wake you up…

  2. Ambrose,its a pity we still have people like you who think politics is a means of employment.Man,Ann first needs to scale down and finish her school then come and settle back home.Analyse her academic track record,you’ll realise that she’s spent most of her time outside teso(soroti municipality).In short Ann has alot to do. By the way there is one gentleman who right now is the president of the association of some (local)political leaders in this country.(Less than 35 years),this one is more suitable(more so same political affiliation with Ann).

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