Muntu to lead for two years

FDC boss Mugisha Muntu

Gen Mugisha Muntu

Maj Gen. Mugisha Muntu, the newly elected Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president, is to lead the party for a temporary term of two years.

Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Kampala on Monday, the party spokesperson, Wafula Oguttu, said Muntu was elected to complete the two years of the former leader, Col. Kizza Besigye, who decided to quit leadership before the end of his term in 2014.

Besigye, who was elected in 2010, was supposed to serve till 2014 but relinquished his seat of power along the way.

“The delegates’ conference was an emergency to get someone to lead the party for the remaining two years of Besigye’s term. We hope to elect a new president for the new term in 2014,” Wafula said.

Muntu, a former army commander and former ally to Yoweri Museveni, emerged winner with 393 votes (50.5%), followed by his closest rival, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, who garnered 361 (46%) votes in the election which was held at Namboole Stadium last week.

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9 thoughts on “Muntu to lead for two years

  1. Gen.Muntu he does not suit the chair of FDC.We r fighting military gov’t n we bring a soldier wat is dat.Hon.Nandala warm up 4 da sit 2014 n u lead civilians

  2. Dan, what’s wrong Muntu has been a soldier before, Great Democracies (America, Britain etc}
    have been ruled by Former military individuals. Theirs, were not military Governments.

  3. I bet FDC is ending up like UPC, DP & CP, dead wood with more than one faction!!!! I’m not a prophet but wait & see.

  4. Bwaana Wafula, Don’t confuse Ugandans and FDCs in particular who elected their leader, i know you supported the loser. Muntu must take the party to the highest not a mere 02 years, Is it CAF ?

  5. I think there is nothing wrong with a former military officer leading the country, the problem is with our parliament cuz according to the constitution the president is supposed to have minimal influence in the every day runnig of state bussiness, what we need is a strong and committed parliament that is ready to defend the interests if the citizen. If the parliament is independent minded the president will do the needful otherwise I think Muntu would be the right person to take over from Museveni.

  6. Wake up Wafula Ogutta. Remember the very first words your candidate (Nandala Mafabi) started with when he started his campaigns. He said he needs an exemplary leadership in FDC, where an elected leader will run the office for the recommended time not that the elected will just finishup the remaining Besigye`s 2yrs. Now that he lost to Muntu, you are now saying Muntu will only head us (FDC-party) for only two years. Is it what our FDC constitution saying? Do not expose your jealous like an illiterate Ugandan.
    Have you lost you memory? Stule up Ogutta!

    I think Muntu will lead us (FDC) till his term of office is done, and he MUST seek for re-election. Long leave Muntu, long leave FDC.

  7. We don’t need these generals running the country, they confuse military with regular people. They tend to think only military style .libya,Egypt.liberia,Uganda etc. if our country is ever going forward we need to give real politicians a chance to rule,and thus eliminatinating the power of the army.where it will only do its job to protect the sovereign of the country rather than imposing the law,something they have no duty.its sad that fellow Ugandans didn’t think about that mr mafabi is the best candidate even if he doesn’t beat Museveni its a clear statement as to where we want our country to go. Munt just emboldens Museveni it shows people. Still love former and current nrm lads we need to walk away from that cancer for the love of our country

  8. Hei, lets be constitutional. What does the constitution say? Is Muntu entitled to his other 2 full terms. Other wise the Gen wil be deprived of his full entilement if the 2 years are regarded as full term,FDC OYEE.

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