Muntu Will Struggle To Lead FDC – Besigye

Newly elected FDC President Mugisha Muntu

Newly elected FDC President Mugisha Muntu

Former Forum for Democratic Change President Kizza Besigye has stabbed his successor Gen .Mugisha Muntu in the back, saying he will struggle to lead the now split party.

Besigye revealed this during an exclusive interview with Red Pepper while he was responding to a question put to him on the current status of the party after a stormy meeting last Saturday in which two party bigwigs – Nandala Mafabi and Jack Sabiiti threatened to quit the party.

The meeting had been convened to reconcile all presidential camps but temperatures rose as members nearly strangled each other.

Mafabi accused the party secretary general, Alice Alaso, who was Muntu’s strategist, of voting seven times and manipulating the voting register.

The party resolved to set up a truth and reconciliation committee to help heal the rifts arising from the just-concluded acrimonious presidential elections.

Besigye blasted members who raised voices saying that instead of laying grounds of becoming examples as a party waiting to take power in 2016, they turned to ‘cannibalism’ which gives the NRM chance to divide them and rule.

“We should be examples.Biting each other won’t work. We are a government in waiting, therefore all eyes of Ugandans are on us,” he said.

When asked to assess his former boss in the army – Gen. Muntu’s performance as the president of the party, Besigye boldly said that he will take ages to put the party in line.

Besigye said it will also take long for the people of FDC to forget him as a president though they should now turn their eyes on the new leader and offer collaboration. “I implore them (FDC members) to offer Muntu support as the new president-elect,” he said.

Besigye added that Muntu will find a lot of difficulties to lead the party if he doesn’t use an iron fist.

However, Besigye said the party agreed to constitute a reconciliatory team of three elders led by Sam Njuba to heal the wounds arising from the concluded elections. He reiterated that if members are unable to execute their duties with precision, they must be laid off.

Reported By Nicholas Mwesigwa


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16 thoughts on “Muntu Will Struggle To Lead FDC – Besigye

  1. Please, brother Mafabi before you go too far, remember you did not lose. You were not the best simply. Both of you couldnt become presidents at ago. You are not a failure. Try next time especially if you show that you are politically mature now.

    1. Mr. Nandala mafabi. Don’t lose hope this our party. Its not that you only had this chance, Chances are still there. Please don’t develope a negative attitude towards our party let us remain together as ONE PEOPLE OF ONE UGANDA. Remember you have been saying this. Thanks

  2. That comment reeks of bad faith. Besigye should know that excess emotion and hate can lead to myopia. Muntus soft spokenness is steel and will win him respect from even from opponents. Violence and hate has held FDC to being seen as besigye. That has changed for good. So i say.

  3. well well i think in generality the wrong guy was elected for reasons that were not of strategic importance to the party. If ever Muntu tries to shake the NRM’s M7 then it will be Like M7 sitting on the mango tree shaking some for Mntu, otherwise with a low-key note style of Muntu we dont see things changing in this country. A person who is not gonna bring in the Besigye – entry style of 2001, wont shake m7. so i think if the FDC will make any headway in this country Muntu should stop thinking he is going to use his slow approach to issues to be heard. For heavens sake muntu is not known at all, he only met less than 500 delegates and those are just a few who are only amax of 21 per district. if ur known by only 21 in a district where NRM has 300 cadres in the same district, where is ur place?

  4. Point blank is always Good if we want things to be corrected.What Besigye is saying about Muntu is a fact.People are used to Besigye and they will take time to adapt to the Muntu environment.My advise to the FDC supporters is that let us look beyond Besigye and Muntu,let us look at building our party for the generations that are coming after us.Let us forgive each other for the sake of Ugandans who are looking at us as the only HOPE they have.We should not get divided.I know my man Nandala is hurt but he must be a man to forgive those who wronged him.This is my humble appeal and prayer to the party supporters.

  5. To me i also think the FDC election were not fair in regard with mr Nandala.F , the cup should have gone to the East not the west all the time……………

  6. the truth is that political parties in Africa are built on individuals and are not member based.even the mighty NRM with out museveni is thats it.

  7. I thought that the likes of Nandala Mafabi ought to have grown up before presenting themselves to lead in such big positions; if a man cannot honorably concede defeat even when the election was so transparent for even the blind to see, then how can he run for a national presidential election. People should learn that in an election there are always two possible outcomes to win or to lose!!

  8. All those things happen of one being first,second or last but they don’t need to cause any negative change if focussed people are involved,. ONE UGANDA ONE PEOPLE is the way to go.

  9. Muntu is capable he will lead us well, but Mafabi we love you remain you are the ones who will advice muntu remember together we are strong

  10. What I seem to hear and see in the debate is the idea that only charismatic people can make good leaders, but those that are current with trends should know that that theory has been disapproved. The best leaders are those who work with their people as a team and even when they leave the institution will remain strong. Pse give Muntu his chance before you judge him

  11. President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney met for lunch at the White House on Thursday, their first face-to-face meeting since the bitter election campaign in which each man basically warned voters that the other risked destroying the economy.

    A White House statement released after the meal said they had discussed America’s global leadership role and agreed on their desire to stay in touch.

    “Romney congratulated the president for the success of his campaign and wished him well over the coming four years,” according to the White House account of the meal. “The focus of their discussion was on America’s leadership in the world and the importance of maintaining that leadership position in the future.”

    “They pledged to stay in touch, particularly if opportunities to work together on shared interests arise in the future,” the statement said.

    Why can`t the Mafabis` copy this so as to move FDC and Uganda forward. Let us assume that Mugisha had lost and Mafabi had gone through, and mugisha axcepted to work with Nandala as he did to Besigye and as Mitt has done to with Obama how would Nanadala feel.

  12. As aleader of the opposition, there have been many resignation in the shadow cabinet, this already shows Nandala`s weakness i believe that even if Mafabi had gone through the party would have been more divided because there are many Mps in the Fdc who are not happy with Nandala`s way of leadership.

  13. I never expected that Mafabi would behave like that,but what i have to say is that if Mafabi want to quiet the party let him go,i believed FDC can do without him,we dont want people to start confusing us at the time we want power in 2016 after roll he chased away his cabinets and business is atill going on in parliament.

  14. Let KB not be a prophet of doom, why does he talk like he is nursing wounds of defeat internally?? what if Muntu does not struggle, what will he say to his premature confession?? it’s time for KB to let go of FDC, afterall he has also been struggling to get to the top position in the land to no avail. This makes him more of a struggler than what Muntu might be, when his chances are still open… I long to see a generation of leaders who are calm and lead on issues not because of personal wars known to them. I hope Muntu will one time prove his doom-sayers wrong.!! I wish you good luck and clear-headedness my most liked personality so far on the political scene.

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