Vote Leaders Who Will Work with Me! Museveni Accuses Opposition of Frustrating NRM Dev’t Efforts

Kasese – Museveni has rapped the people of Kasese for electing leaders that are fighting the NRM and its efforts of development in the sub-region.

While addressing NRM leaders of Kasese at Nyakasanga Play Grounds, Museveni cracked a whip on people for undermining the government’s development efforts that could benefit them in the long run.

“You, people of Kasese, have been sending leaders like Winnie Kiiza and others, who are fighting the NRM government and its development. Send those that can work with me to deliver to you,” said Museveni stinging the opposition leaders.

“Send NRM leaders who can work and support me so that this success of the NRM’s ability to build the economy again is able to distribute properly,” Museveni challenged the people of Kasese.

Museveni called-up on the leaders to shun corruption and related practices, citing that the vice is a setback to their people.

“Sometimes the distribution of resources and funds is not done properly because it was done well, we would have gone far (progressed). I urge leaders to Stop eating “entanda’ for the people and minding only about their salaries when elected to office,” said Museveni.

On the financing, Museveni revealed that a total of 370 Projects worth Ushs. 2.966bn have been funded under the Youth Livelihood Programme; benefiting 4,527 Youths (2,258 – Male and 2,269 – female) in Kasese Municipality.

On women fund, up to UGX1.219Bn has been released under the programme to 246 projects that have benefited up to 3,059 women in Kasese Municipality and District Local government.

A quick reflection on the 2016 general elections, Kasese positioned itself as an opposition headlock with NRM’s Museveni tallying 41.36% against FDC’s Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye’s 56.39% of the over 253,000 valid votes cast – a position NRM leaders have vowed to overturn come January 14, 2021.

Kasese boasts of the peace and security that prevails in the area subsequent to the defeat of Jamil Mukulu’s Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) that spurred rebel activity in the Rwenzori region of Uganda and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Earlier on Tuesday, Museveni also took time to commission the newly constructed Ishaka—Katunguru road (58km) as the government moves to foster tourism activity around the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

On trade, Museveni also commissioned the state-of-art Kasese Central Market in Kasese Municipality that cost up to UGX14.9Bn inclusive of tax as the government moves to boost the creation of markets and value-addition to boost trade in Uganda.

While speaking to the press, Assistant Commissioner Geoffrey Ettedu, National Programme Coordinator – Markets and Agriculture Trade Improvement Programme (MATIP), revealed that the modern market is a value-addition facility for over 1000 vendors that were previously operating in the temporary market.

“The market will accommodate about 1,000 vendors and house multiple food stalls, restaurants, banks, clinics, salons, fruit and vegetable stands, butcheries and a daycare centre. It consists of 467 stalls and 311 lockup shops,” said Ass. Comm. Ettedu.

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