Museveni Vote Makers, Spoilers Exposed

Minister of Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo

President Yoweri Museveni has dispatched a special team of NRM bosses to go to every village and hold secretive meetings at village level.

Father Simon Lokodo
Father Simon Lokodo

The team comprises of three people including the NRM district chairperson, the youth league district chairperson and women league district chairperson.

These are also given shs250000 which they take to every village to facilitate organizers in arranging that village meeting.

The team also goes with a carefully written message addressed to them by the NRM presidential candidate.

We have been assured that this approach has helped Museveni in securing direct contact with villagers after holding his rallies in particular areas.

Such efforts however, are part of Museveni’s grand plan to terribly defeat his opponents whose hunt for votes is mainly in trading centers.

The special team is supposed to enlighten members on key government achievements, new plans and also securing a list of all those whose support at village level is questionable.

Upon getting their contacts, Museveni contacts them personally according to insiders.

On the other hand, sources assured us that the president is also relying on some of his key ministers whom he delegated to implement his 2011 campaign manifesto by appointing them in sectors that directly concern the masses.

“While the president in some areas has scored basing on the performance of these sectors, in other areas, he is facing hardships. This explains why he spends valuable time of his campaign speech trying to explain himself on such failures by those critical sectors that are thin on the ground,” intelligence sources explained to us.

In this briefing, we reveal the ministers who have dominated Museveni’s campaigns with those who have made miracles for him and those whose dockets are still giving the big man nightmares in the field, according to intelligence.


He heads the docket of ethics and integrity. What is happening is that, his docket is still the poorest in terms of service delivery on the ground, according to our sources. It is his docket that is supposed to detect and fight corruption throughout the country but what is happening on the ground is that people are disgusted with the massive corruption not only in central government but also in local government.

To prove how serious the issue is, president Museveni has even started referring to the thieves to as rats.

This has forced him to grill several CAOs and RDCs during his rallies. The docket which is supposed to detect corruption isn’t adding any value to his campaigns apart from attracting him embarrassments during his rallies!


She heads the ministry for energy and mineral development.

There is no doubt that this sector is making miracles for Museveni in his campaigns.

The president has used this sector to demonize his opponents almost in every corner of the country.

Actually, during his rallies deep in the villages, Museveni whenever he reaches in a village and doesn’t find electric wires, he gets shocked.

For example in Mpiriggwa-Mityana district, he almost thumped his handlers thinking that they were taking him to DR Congo.

The reason is that he didn’t see electric wires like in other villages.

In the whole country, it is only four districts which include Nwoya, Buvuma, Kotido and Amudat without electricity.

This has given him credit wherever he has gone. In addition to distributing electricity, Muloni is working on several power generation dams which have also increased Museveni’s visibility on the ground.


The health minister is among those who are making Museveni smile but at the same time angry.

For example, in all constituencies he has gone to, majority of them have got health center IIIs and IVs.

What remains however, are district hospitals in several districts mainly new ones.

Museveni has promised to work on these. The most disturbing issue in this sector which is causing public uproar is massive theft of drugs by health workers and absenteeism.

Such acts go unnoticed by the ministry forcing the president to spend a lot of time explaining himself instead of taking people through his manifesto.


She heads the docket of security. There is no doubt that besides all other dockets, Museveni is relying on Karooro’s performance to achieve his desired victory.

Besides using this docket to win, he is also relying on it to sustain his victory after elections.

The president has used this docket to rally people’s hearts towards him suggesting that it is because of this docket that the country is now peaceful from corner to corner.

In all villages, the locals even the poorest will tell you that Museveni has achieved 95% on general security but what remains are petty thefts of pigs, chicken in the villages.

This sector has enabled him gain more support among locals who have continued to live with their typical saying of ‘twebaka otulo’ [we are now able to sleep because of peace].


The education and sports minister has become Museveni’s second vote hunting machine.

Museveni on every rally cannot leave without talking about this docket.

First of all, he gets excited whenever he discovers that in the area where he holds his rally, every parish has a government primary school or in every sub-county; there is a government secondary school.

Museveni has received kudos almost in 89% districts because their files indicate that 90% parishes and sub-counties have achieved this.

On top of that, the ministry has been able to give Museveni an answer to the jobless youths through its Skilling Uganda program.

Under this program, Alupo has been giving every constituency a technical school and in all those constituencies where Museveni has not found one, he has pledged to set up one.

Those without are mostly newly created constituencies. Museveni hopes that through technical schools, youths will become employable after getting vocational training.


The lands minister heads a docket that has put Museveni on tenterhooks mainly in Buganda region.

Almost in every rally he has addressed, the issue of land has been raised.

There are allegations of illegal land evictions targeting mainly bibanja holders.

Migereko’s performance however, is being affected by the rot in the justice ministry which controls the judiciary.

The president keeps blaming judges for conniving with land lords to evict people.

This sector [justice] is making more harm than good as far as Museveni’s vote hunting is concerned.


He heads the agriculture ministry which has embarrassed the president a lot in his rallies.

There is not any garden that can be pointed at arising from the former NAADS in most villages yet shs203bn was being sunk into it per year.

People in the countryside are bitter with NAADS officials who have been feasting on their farm implements and money.

The president has been consistently telling people that the NAADS money was eaten through workshops and salaries.

As such, he has had to struggle to convince people that NAADS is still relevant.

Museveni’s escape route on this NAADS mess has been the recent deployment of soldiers to run NAADS which has helped him restore confidence among people as far as agriculture is concerned.

This is why when he talks of injecting shs1trillion in NAADS, locals have welcomed the idea.


The roads minister has attracted the president more votes because of the road network he has tried to put in place.

Almost in every district, there is tarmac.

It is only in Kibaale district where there is completely no tarmac road.

However, Museveni has already launched several road projects that will connect the district to the rest of the country.

This sector is attracting Museveni more votes and he is relying on it for more votes because he keeps promising more roads in various districts.

Actually we are told that UPC officials are defecting because of roads in Lango.

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