Musician Keem Fame Rich : A journey from Namungoona to the global Stage

Kajoba Hakim alias Keem Fame Rich born in Mulago 23 years ago, started his music and song writing journey in high school.
At the time in high school, Keem Fame Rich was aged 15. He used to perform songs at several house parties in Uganda at the start of his music career, did music, and promoted it at the same time.
Keem Fame Rich has been on a couple of musical tours with some great musicians like Juliet Zawedde, Marval beatz, Ratigan Era and Vjoj among others.
During the COVID-19 global lockdown in 2020, Keem Fame Rich started being serious about making music. He is popularly known for his songs such as Most Original, Tetulinda bidde , and Fire among other others.
Keem Fame Rich said he couldn’t be happier except he is planning on releasing more music for his loyal fans since the sky is only the beginning for him.

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