Musicians Walukaga, Rema In Secret Feud


There is bad blood flowing between Kadongokamu singer Mathias Walukaga and budding Gagamel sexy singer Rema real name Rehema Namakula.

Snoops have learnt that the two singers were close friends and that the ‘Bakoowu’ singer even promised to write a song for Rema.

However, the pair bitterly fell out about four months back after it emerged that the ‘Fire Tonight’ singer was secretly seeing Kenzo. Walukaga did not take the news well and broke his promise of writing a song for Rema and two have been feuding since then.

“Walukaga took back his laptop and told Rema to forget the vehicle he had promised her,” intimates the source. This could be the reason Rema put pressure on Kenzo to buy her the Toyota Raum in the UAS series that she cruises around town.

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