Muslim Clerics Case Hearing Halted Over Lack of Funds

Muslim Clerics Case Hearing Halted Over Lack of Funds


By Serestino Tusingwire

The lead judge Ezekiel Muhanguzi of High Court has suspended the hearing of the case against 14 suspects accused of murdering two Muslim clerics; Shiekh Mustafa Bahiga and Hassan  Kirya for three weeks due to financial constraints in Judiciary.

The further hearing of the matter has been adjourned up to 21st November 2016 hoping that by then, the registrar of the court would have secured the required funds to resume the trial.

The state Attorney, Linno Anguzu informed court that ample time is needed to solve the financial matter that has barred most of their witnesses from turning up in court as earlier requested.

“My lord we pray that court help us to get facilitation from the Registrar of court because we had talked to the registrar about this matter and we were promised to be helped but we have not received the funds.” Anguzu lamented.

Justice Muhanguzi assured the prosecution that he has already talked to the registrar and this facilitation will be availed to them in a period of three weeks.

Fourteen Muslim leaders including the leader of the Tabliq Sect Sheikh Yunus Kamoga are on trial for alleged assassination of several top rival Muslim clerics in the country two years ago.

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