My Votes Were Given To Museveni — Mbabazi

The performance of former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi in the presidential elections stunned not only his political foes but also his supporters.


Mbabazi a man who had been touted as the heart of National Resistance Movement (NRM) ditched the party in 2015 to contest as an independent candidate in the presidential elections but scored 1.3 percent.

A number of political commentators argued that Mbabazi’s departure left NRM in a state of “a computer without a central processing unit.”

However, president Museveni commanded the party in recent elections and won with 60 percent.

NRM also won majority seats in parliament.

Mbabazi did not give up; he challenged Museveni’s victory in the Supreme Court.

According to the amended petition which the court accepted on Monday, Mbabazi claims that at polling stations where he won some of his votes were switched and given to Museveni.

“At many polling stations where the petitioner (Mbabazi) won and or got higher votes than the first respondent (Museveni), the second respondent (Electoral Commission) declared zero results,” the petition sheet reads.

Adding; “In other instances the petitioner’s (Mbaabzi) votes which were higher than the first respondent (Museveni) were switched and given to the first respondents.”

Mbabazi legal team will have to present affidavits substantiating the claims.

In the amended sheet, Mbabazi is also demanding the vote re-count in 45 districts including opposition strong holds of Kampala and Wakiso.

Mbabazi lawyers also allege that Museveni bribed 30,000 Mayuge families with 500 hectares of land in Mayuge district, Busoga region.

The Monday court session was supposed to handle pre-hearing issues.

Court has been adjourned until Thursday March 10th for a continuation of pre-hearing session while the case hearing will start on Monday.

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