Mysterious Woman Goes Wild, Nearly Bonked On Stage

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Under the influence of alcohol, many people do various things but what a yet to be identified woman did in Mukono left many revelers shocked.


While attending one of King Saha’s concert in Mukono recently, a yet to be identified woman kept sipping on Tusker and Club beers as she slowly opened her legs wide.

After drowning herself in several cans of booze, the aging woman jumped on stage for a wild dance with one of the entertainers who took her on a bumpy ride.


While on stage the seemingly horny dude grabbed her juicy thighs, lifted them up, there by exposing her white knickers

This left many male revelers panting and yearning like tired dogs


After getting jiggy and sexually aroused, the unknown local singer laid the wild woman down in what seemed like an attempt to bonk her live on stage.

After rounds of cheers from the other revelers, the woman jumped off the stage smiling as she rubbed dust off her feet and seemingly horny.

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