Nabbed Tuff B Pees On Self Over Drink-drive

Tuff B

It was a sad weekend yet again for Kampala party animals after cops staged a massive drink-drive come-back along city roads.

Info reaching us is that one of the roadblocks staged at Katwe left the whole place in a mess after the TV presenter Tuff B was nabbed blazed to the limit at around 3:00am.

According to snoops, the local TV presenter first refused to get out of his DMC ride, claiming that he was drunk because he had lost his mother. When the lie failed to work out; he started bragging how he has helped police to get criminals.

After failing to get examples of the information he had helped police with, the cops arrested and took him to the cells where Tuff B became soft B and started peeing on himself like a toddler.

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  1. he is a show off for nothing! i mean we have all lost our loved ones but dont drink ourselves silly.

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