By Fab Mc

Kyle is a Kenyan musician, song writer and super model. We had a chat about life style, sex and career. Excerpts:

FabMc: Tell me about Nadia

Kyle: My name is Nadia Kyle Icy and I was born and raised in Ruaka town in Kenya. I’m 21 years old, talented and a good looking woman hahaha


FabMc: How was the lockdown?

Kyle: I started working out a bit more during the lockdown for both mental and physical health. I also engaged in deep cleaning my house from time to time. Also, I love to read books, watch documentaries/movies and play games.


FabMc: How did you join the music industry?

Kyle: I have always loved writing so when I felt ready enough, I contacted Riccobeatz and boom! The magic happened.


FabMc: How’s your love life?

Kyle: I don’t really have a love life at the moment because I’m chasing the bag!! That’s where I want to put all my focus on.


FabMc: Who will be the dream guy?

 Kyle: My type of man is one that is as goofy as I am, supper clean, smells good and one that’s has a unique taste in fashion.



FabMc: How many children will you give him?

Kyle: Ummm, I would wish to have three children.



FabMc: Would you date your neighbor?

Kyle: No, I would not date a neighbor at all because I want to take my precious time to look good for my man period! I hate running into people and wishing I wore that dress or outfit for him. I just like to be mentally, emotionally and physically ready to meet my guy if you know what I mean, hahaha.


FabMc: Would you date an older man for fame and money?

Kyle: I believe hard work pays so I love to sweat myself to get to where I want to be in the next five years because short cuts have short beginnings and short ends.


FabMc: What is default dress code?

Kyle: My favorite dress is confidence. Anything will look good on me if I’m comfortable wearing it.



FabMc: Your favorite meal?

Kyle: I love grilled chicken, it has to be my favorite meal.


FabMc: Tell me something you can’t do without in your house, car and hand bag as well

Kyle: In my house, I can’t do without Wi-Fi. Then I need to have my phone in the car because I’m the type of selfie lovie, lip-gloss and perfume. I must have those with me all the time.


FabMc: What are some of the things that people say as compliments but are take them as insults to you?

Kyle: (Slay queen)…I mean, I can slay and I’m a queen but I just don’t love how people use the word. Aaaargh. It’s annoying


FabMc: Tell me 2 things you can’t stand about men

Kyle: A man with a big mouth and a man full of lies.


FabMc: Who is your inspiration?

Kyle: My inspiration is my mother because she inspired me to become a better version on me, a hardworking and confident woman.


FabMc: Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person and how you handled the situation.

Kyle: I have once dealt with a client in 2018 who wanted her nails done. I took my time to listen to how she wanted them done and after I completed she said they looked so fake…lol she was so moody so I just removed them and carried on with other clients.


FabMc: What is the craziest thing about yourself that only you know?

Kyle: I think it’s crazy that I don’t like drinking liquor; I just don’t like how it feels and how it takes over my own body.


FabMc: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Kyle: In the next five years I see myself not looking at price tags when I go out for shopping.


FabMc: What crazy thing have you ever done in the name of love?

Kyle: I called a man’s phone for more than 20 times out of love because I needed a reason to act up and then dip.



FabMc: If you had a chance of slapping one politician really hard in the face in your country who would that person be and why?

Kyle: I would slap Ferdinand Waititu (former governor of Kiambu) so hard in the face because he was so corrupt and did nothing for my county.



FabMc: We are so grateful for your time; please give us a final message to our readers and your fans as well.

Kyle: Always be a go getter and don’t let nothing stop you from chasing your dream, set a goal for every week and every year just to try pushing yourself to where u want to be.

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