REFUND WITH INTEREST! Nairobi Woman Pays Heavy Price For ‘Eating’ Transport Money

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Woman accused of eating boyfriend’s train court. Photo|Courtesy

Nairobi – An unidentified woman, based in Nairobi, found herself on the wrong side of the law after deciding to ‘eat’ transport money that had been sent to her by her boyfriend.

According to reports, the woman received Kshs3,000 (approximate UGX100,000) as taxi fare from her boyfriend who wanted her to attend his birthday party but she failed to show up and ended up switching her phone after receiving the money..

Angered by her actions, the boyfriend sued her at Milimani’s small claims court where the woman was ordered to return her boyfriend’s money plus interest and a bonus for the emotional damage that he underwent after the accused failed to show up at his party. In total, the boyfriend in question will receive Kshs23, 750 (UGX780,000).


“The lady was ordered to refund the man Kshs 3,000 (UGX100,000) plus interest of Kshs 750 (UGX25,000) and a further Kshs 20,000 (UGX660,000) in damages for the emotional anguish he went through,” read a statement that has since gone viral on social media.

Among the things that the man presented in court to prove that he had sent the woman money included a Mpesa statement and their Whatsapp conversations before and after he sent her money.

The woman is said to have been agitated by the ruling such that she ended up cursing the judge. It took the efforts of police officers to drag her out of the courtroom.

She was taken into custody while waiting for her family to make payments for the damages.

The ruling has excited many Kenyans, especially men, who have now found new hope upon receiving such kind of treatment from their women. Here are some of their reactions.

“I am happy to know that small claims court is functioning,” read a comment on Twitter.

Kumbe siku hizi dame akila fare yako you can take her to court for your money to be refunded plus interest. Just seen this story which happened jana. Hii ingekuwa zamani ningeweka ndani over 5000 chicks,” ex governor Mike Sonko said.

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