It is not clear yet clear why Navio decided to write to his hater days after he was scrapped off the list of the artists to perform and meet Keith Sweat.


It is believed that the Nawulianga singer wrote the letter to hit at his haters who are obstacles on his way to success.

To the Hater,

The biggest challenge we had was being at the forefront of the industry. People didn’t believe we needed launches, videos, other African award shows and even Hip Hop at all until we came along.

The other big challenge is individuals going out of their way to undermine artists. Every artist has people dedicated to this cause of undermining them.

For example, I was excluded from the line up for R-Kelly’s show. A year after that he was mixing me drinks at his pool bar in his house in Chicago. And we were about to hit the studio.

Next I was purposefully excluded from the Akon show. Next thing you know I’m in his Lamboghini driving around Atlanta a month ago.

Next at Keith Sweat, I was told I wouldn’t be able to attend, perform or see him. Keith lands, calls me up for lunch. He demands seats for me at the show, then to really make these guys feel angry, he calls me on stage at the climax of the show.

The moral is, God’s plan always prevails and it is better to help your artists rather than to end up with a foot in your mouth. Like every other country in Africa, be proud and help your artists. Our victories are yours.

Do not be a slave to your bitterness. Promote your culture.

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10 thoughts on “Navio’s Letter To Haters

    1. Kalungi that letter applies to you too if you’re one of those people who think there’s a traditional way to speak, act or sing in this day and age. It’s diversity and not uniformity which enriches culture.

  1. Navio signed out … PROMOTE YOUR CULTURE … What a paradox. The guy speaks, sings/raps and acts like some American on a visit to Uganda. He even brags that hangs with them. Its like Museveni preaching Democracy and Human Rights.

  2. Indeed, promote your Ugandan culture.. Not the American culture.. Drop the wanna be attitude Navio. I agree with Kalungi

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