Nebanda Parliament Tribute Suspended, Burial Postponed

Deputy speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya yesterday suspended the tribute session for former Butaleja woman Member of Parliament Cerinah Nebanda after enraged legislators demanded to know the full story about her death.

Nebanda died last Friday and her death has since been shrouded in mystery.

Members of parliament also took a decision to postpone the burial of the lawmaker that was slated for tomorrow until what caused her death is established.

This was after learning that Dr Sylvestre Onzivua, the pathologist hired by the family to take body samples for further examination to South Africa had been arrested at Entebbe International airport.

Dr Onzivua was supposed to leave yesterday at 7 am aboard a South African Airways flight. But security personnel intercepted him and took the samples.

According to a statement issued yesterday by police spokeswoman Judith Nabakooba, Dr Onzivua was illegally smuggling Nebanda’s body parts out of the country and that is why he was arrested.

Her body was returned to the family home in Entebbe after the mother of the deceased objected to Deputy Speaker Oulanya’s suggestion that the body be taken to Mulago School of medicine saying she did not trust the government anymore.

Cerinah Nebanda Fact File

Born Cerinah Nebanda Arioru on 9th of October 1988, she attended ST. John’s Education Centre for her primary school after which she joined Ntinda View College for her O’ level education.

Nebanda attended her A’ level at Katikamu SDA SSS and later joined Makerere University to pursue a degree in Social Science and graduated in 2010.

She contested the Butaleja woman seat and defeated Dorothy Hyuha, the NRM deputy party secretary general in the 2011 poll to join the parliament on an NRM ticket.

While in parliament she was a member on the social services and budget committee.

She passed away last week on Friday 14th December on her way to  in Kampala.



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7 thoughts on “Nebanda Parliament Tribute Suspended, Burial Postponed

  1. It is sad that Uganda has lost this dynamic and promising young lady politician. The country and her constituent members will miss her.
    It is again unfortunate that both the media and politicians have politicised her mysterious death and her grieving family is being dragged in these nasty blame games. The Scotland Yard Police should be brought in to help the state and family to do the invistagation into the MP death. The invistigation should be widened to include the so called Rebel MPs………..There seems to be many unanswered questions.
    May her Soul rest in peace.

  2. ….Dr Onzivua was illegally smuggling Nebanda’s body parts out of the country and that is why he was arrested. Judith, unless I have forgotten the meaning of the word “smuggling” you cannot be smuggling something that had officially been made public by parliamentaliansannounced on the radio. May be you would have used a better word. Somtime it pays dividends to assist the state while assisting yourself at the dsame time. I recall Haji Ssebirimbi overstretched himself in the name of UPC but when things changed you know better what happen. Sincerely what are you concealing under the legiclators death. It is vey painful to imprision an innocent Doctor while you seem to know the very truth

  3. Iam a little bit disturbed. How do you start saying that a doctor is smuggling body parts when in the past there have been series of DNA samples taken to South Africa.

    Readers, Editors, and even ghosts can see this, there is something fishy.

    To those doing all this fracus dont you think the ghost of cerinah is watching you….

    RIP cerinah Nebanda.

  4. These tragic things are not new.kayira,mayombo.ayume and many others.We have lamented enough.We must we do now

  5. The MPs should exercise their duties as the law makers to get him out if he followed the right procedures written down concerning his job. There is no exceptional for any person in any situation provided the law is followed and any damage should be standard. So what is next?

  6. It was really right to stop the Dr from going to do an investigation secretively because this issue is of public interest and whatever outcome will be made public so NO NEED TO CARRYOUT ANYTHING SECRETIVELY.

    Ugandan have a problem of mistrust. Am sure right onw, there are people ready to object the outcomes no matter how independent they will be!!!
    Which is unfortunate.

    We should also begin accepting that Humans are born and Also DIE. Not that whenever someone dies then someone somewhere is responsible!!

  7. Can someone tell me.. Has there been any arrests in Munyonyo where chips and juice was served to the deceased????

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