Netanyahu starts ‘historic visit’ to Africa

Netanyahu starts ‘historic visit’ to Africa

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is about to start what he described as an “historic visit” to Africa.

He is travelling to Uganda on the 40th anniversary of the Israeli commando rescue of passengers from a hijacked plane that was forced to land at Entebbe airport.

The plane had been en route to France from Israel.

In one of the most daring operations in its history, Israel had secretly despatched a unit of elite commandos – led by Yonatan Netanyahu, the brother of current Prime Minister Benjamin – to rescue the hostages.

Three hostages lost their lives in the operation, as well as Yonatan Netanyahu, the only fatality among the troops.

An Israeli PM has not been to the continent for decades and during today’s visit Mr Netanyahu will meet heads of state from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Zambia and South Sudan, plus Tanzania’s foreign minister.

“I am pleased that Israel is going back to Africa in a big way. We are opening Africa to Israel again,” said Netanyahu

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