Uganda yet to recognise new Afghan government – Minister Oryem

Uganda’s legislators in the Parliament session on Tuesday. (PARLIAMENT PHOTO)

Kampala | RedPepper Digital – Uganda is still holding its recognition of the Taliban government, with Minister of State for International Affairs, Hon Henry Okello Oryem saying no formation of a new government has been brought to the attention of Kampala.

Minister Okello Oryem said when the formation of the government is brought to the attention of Uganda, a decision will be made on whether to recognise it.

“Government of Afghanistan has not been established and as such, there is no government to recognise at the moment; at an appropriate time when a government is established, a decision will be taken on whether or not to recognise the government,” he said.

The Minister was responding to a question raised by MP Betty Nambooze (NUP, Mukono Municipality) on the government’s stand regarding the state of affairs in Afghanistan, and the status of efforts to evacuate Ugandans stuck in the violence-laden country.

Taliban forces guard one of Afghanistan’s borders in the new government. (AGENCIES PHOTO)

Okello Oryem said the hosting of Afghan refugees is temporary, as they are merely here to sit out the processing of their permanent residence or refugee status in other countries.

“The evacuees will remain in Uganda while they are being processed by the United States government before their travel to their destination; the government of Uganda has a framework of handling this issue through the exchange of diplomatic notes,” he said.

Nambooze said the government’s actions contradict its stance against meddling into the internal affairs of sovereign states, questioning why the evacuees were first brought to Uganda if they are meant to ultimately be re-routed to the United States or other host countries.

“We have always told countries to stay out of issues related to internal affairs,” she said.

Nambooze argued that by hosting the refugees, Uganda makes itself a target of any retaliatory terrorist attacks, given the violent relations between Washington and Kabul.

“What measures have we put in place to guard against the anger that usually follows America’s dealings with Afghanistan,” she said.

Minister Oryem dismissed the fears.

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