New Mbarara Achibishop Beinomugisha praises Most. Rev. Paul Kamuza Bakyenga

Archbishop of Mbarara Archdiocese, Rt Rev Dr Lambert Beinomugisha,

Archbishop-Elect of Mbarara Archdiocese, Rt Rev Dr Lambert Beinomugisha,

Mbarara – The newly appointed Archbishop of Mbarara Archdiocese, Rt Rev Dr Lambert Beinomugisha, has said that it is difficult to emulate the legacy of his predecessor Paul Bakyenga.

While speaking to members of the press Wednesday, May 6 at Nyamitanga hill in Mbarara since he was appointed by Pope Francis 11 days ago,  Beinomugisha said Archbishop emeritus Bakyenga, who has been in the position for over 30 years, is the best example for him and he will do all he can to emulate him.

“The legacy of the emeritus Archbishop Paul Bakyenga is very difficult to emulate but i will do my best to feet in his shoes He was a very strong man in leadership” said Beinomugisha.

Beinomugisha further described Bakyenga as his mentor a true leader and above all a parent to all the church ministers.

“I wish to thank the Most. Rev. Paul Kamuza Bakyenga for the three decades of dedicated service as Archbishop of Mbarara. It was during this period that I was appointed Auxiliary Bishop and served with him for 15 years. I cherish his vision and particularly nurturing and mentoring me as young bishop,’’ said Beinomugisha.

He said that it was his best moment to work with Archbishop Bakyenga most for most his life as a priest claiming that it was because of him that he learnt most of skills in administring the church activities.

“I worked in his office as the chancellor of the diocese and as a priest working as an auxiliary bishop closely with archbishop Bakyenga it was the most exciting moments,” he said.

The Archbishop-elect said that he will work to build on the achievements achieved in the archdiocese.“There have been four bishops before me. Archbishop Bakyenga succeeded Bishop Kakubi, Bishop Kakubi succeeded other two bishops and each one had a contribution to make but the biggest legacy we have from archbishop Bakyenga is archbishop Bakyenga himself. He is retiring but he is with us and so we have hands on experience, an interaction with him to share part of his wisdom and he will remain part and partial of the archdiocese of Mbarara” said Beinomugisha.

He said that Christians in Mbarara should continue asking God to help the church so that they can fulfil things they are planning to do saying that the church is attacked by many temptations in the long run.

Bishop Bainomugisha was appointed new Mbarara Archbishop on April 25, 2020.

He was appointed assistant to Archbishop Bakyenga by Pope Benedict XVI on 2 July 2005, Bainomugisha was born o  12 /07/1961 in the then Diocese of Mbarara.

He studied in his own country and in Canada obtaining a PhD in Canon Law at St Paul University Ottowa. He was ordained a priest on 13 July 1991 then ministered for a few years in parishes, before going to Canada to complete his studies.

Before being appointed Bishop, he was chancellor of the diocese and chaplain at the general House of the Sisters of Our Lady of Good Counsel and a community of Poor Clares.

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