NEW TWIST! New details emerge in Agriculture Ministry staffer boozing scandal

The source has revealed to us that a lady identified as Susan Mirembe pictured with Silas is said to have been behind all this saga

A lady identified as Susan Mirembe (pictured with Silas) is said to have been behind all this saga as she battles a heartbreak

A few days ago, your mighty published a story where a staffer at Frank Tumwebaze’s Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) identified as Silas Ekadu allegedly drunk himself silly as booze took over all his senses to an extent of undressing.

The whole saga has now taken a dramatic twist. There is more than meets the eye.

It has now emerged that all these actions were a result of being bonked, boozed, abused, dumped and later undressed.

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A source whom we identify as an eyewitness on that fateful day has narrated to us how the story unfolded. The source has revealed to us that a lady identified as Susan Mirembe was behind all this saga.

A source reveals to us that Susan and Silas were once lovers. Their love blossomed as days and months went by. It has been understood that in the middle of last year, Silas casually introduced Susan to his close family members and friends as his wife-to-be.

Susan and Silas during their good days

All was well until February this year when love started to turn sour. A source informs us that it reached a point and Silas couldn’t keep up with her flashy lifestyle.

Source says that Susan would demand hefty monthly facilitation not less than Shs5m on top of servicing her expensive lifestyle. You know lifestyles of slay queens—unemployed but living large.

Sources say, Silas confided in his close friends as endless fights between the couple headlined their love. A source points out one incident when Silas found out that Susan was being linked to different male pals in top government agencies and he confronted her.

Silas tight marking Susan before they fell out

More so, a source informs us that Silas also found out that Susan has a 70-year-old friend based in South Africa whom she managed to convince to get rights to part of his/her property.

As it is alleged by the source, Susan is entitled to some property should the 70-year-old friend based in South Africa die.

A source further narrates that Silas found out that Susan was always cracking deals here and there. And one of those lucrative deals saw her parting with enough cash to start up a bar in Nakwero-Gayaza called SUZIE BAR which is opposite Spartans Lounge Bar and Grill.

Sources reveal that combining all these, Silas decided to end the relationship with Susan which didn’t go down well with her. She was hurt and scorned.

A source narrates that last weekend, Susan made a surprise call to Silas. That she humbly asked him for a meeting to discuss what went wrong and see if there was still a room to mend fences.  A source says Silas agreed and the two met at the Gayaza-Nakwero based bar.

A source says that on reaching the bar, Silas found Susan in a group of people and joined. As they had a good time, a call came in on Silas’s phone.

As he excused himself, Susan was so inquisitive about who had called. That was the beginning of their trouble.

An eyewitness we have talked to says that Susan lost it and demanded to know whom Silas was talking to.

As anger took over her, she reportedly poured beer onto his face. The two got into a heated exchange of words and immediately were kicked out by bouncers. They ended up in Silas’s car.

As was expected, Susan hurled insults at Silas up to a point of telling him off how she had even bought the clothes he was donning on that same day.

Out of frustration, Silas undressed and gave her the clothes. Pictures were taken and shared. An eye witness also tells us that Silas was badly beaten and his car damaged by bouncers at the bar.

Sources say Silas, out of frustration, undressed and gave his clothes to Susan since she is the one who bought them

A case, SD Ref: 10/13/09/2022 was registered at Canaan sites Police post as Silas complained of assault and loss of his phone caused by Susan.

A few people we talked to tell us that Susan is a hardworking-go-getter who knows what she wants. That’s why her circle of friends include wealthy-married men especially within government agencies. Watch this space for a list of her male pals in our subsequent publication.



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