NEW YEAR MESSAGE: Museveni calls for Love, Unity

President Museveni

President Museveni has called for love, unity and resisting divisions if Uganda if Uganda is to achieve a year of prosperity.


In a New Year message on Thursday, Museveni highlighted a number of achievements that National Resistance Movement is registering and the regime’s strategic goals.

“If we love one another, celebrate our diversity, resist division and stay united, we will achieve greatness, Museveni said adding
“Let us all join hands and declare the Year 2016 to be our year of prosperity. The year of building on the strong foundation we have laid to secure Uganda’s future.I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.”

Among the achievements that Museveni noted is peace and security. “The UPDF has ensured total peace in the whole country by defeating Kony, defeating ADF and disarming the Karimojong warriors. There is now total peace in the whole length and breadth of Uganda.”

He said that the strategic goals for Uganda people and their African brothers and sisters should be: “prosperity and strategic security”.

He said talking of prosperity means of prosperity achieved through production and not through parasitism.

“In pursuit of the need for the prosperity of our people, the NRM stands for patriotism within Uganda (rejecting sectarianism of religion or tribe and gender chauvinism) and for Pan-Africanism in Africa,” Museveni opined.

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