No Divorce Shall Happen– Chameleone

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Celebrated singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone has played down rumours going viral on social media that he is more likely to be left a lone wolf after his wife Daniella Atim deciding to formally leave him.

On Wednesday, the local Newspaper, Bukedde reported that the mother of four, Daniela has filed for divorce at the family division court in Nakawa. Yes it is true as court documents read.

It should be noted that Chameleone hasn’t been in good terms with her wife Daniella for quite some time which forced her to quit their marital home for weeks before she came back.

However, in a video Chameleone released on his facebook page, he puts it clear that he is not ready at any point to let go of his darling wife Daniella.

Chameleone admits that there have been misunderstandings between him and his wife, but says that is normal to every family and doesn’t mean divorcing.

“We might be having family issues but we solve them in the house rather than taking it to the public because family business is not public business.”

He adds that he is born a catholic and once Catholics are holy married, no divorce can be allowed.

“I am a Catholic and I don’t believe in divorce, those who wrote about my wife Daniella filing for divorce are those that don’t want to see me triumph in life,” Chameleon said.

In a video that he captured at his home in Seguku, Chameleone shows his wife happily seated at home watching TV and two later drive in their BMW X5 to pick their kids who study from Galaxy International school in Lubowa.

Daniella who was driving the car remained silent because she is known for not speaking or even appearing publicly. She kept on smiling at the phone camera whenever it was flashed at her.

The Sweet banana hit maker says if Daniela has gone to court, court is there to offer a service which people need.

The video which the singer posted was accompanied by the words below:

What God put together, No man shall put apart!!
We are not Angels so no one is perfect.
It’s not the times a man falls that matter,
It’s his strength to stand again.

Love you so much Daniella,
Regardless of what is spreading around we stuck together so they should know.

There shall be NO DIVORCE as reported.

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