No foreign players for Uganda clubs |NSSF-KAVC International

A Gulu player recieves in a game last season I Oteka Pictures

For the second year running all local teams taking part in the NSSF-KAVC International will have to use only players that are registered with Uganda Volleyball Federation. A detail that many local teams claim limits their chances of winning the championship. National team coach Anthony Ndawula differs, he actually believes it will help local teams get better.

A Gulu player recieves in a game last season I Oteka Pictures
A Gulu player recieves in a game last season. Clubs that will honour the NSSF sponsored tourney can only use Ugandan players I Oteka Pictures

“Going and importing from out doesn’t really help our game at all,” Ndawula says.

“First of all, those foreign players who come in at the last minute deny these other players a chance to play against better opposition.It shouldn’t be about winning but also giving your players a chance to play against good and stronger opposition.”

Sport-S have four NSSF-KAVC titles to their names, but always do import players from Kenya and Rwanda to boost their squads. Notable names include Ibrahim Odour (Kenya national team captain) and Yakan Lawrence (Rwandan International but Ugandan born who plies his trade in Algeria).

Last year Sky had lined up Yakan, being an international player the low barred him from playing for any local team.Sky went on to reach the semifinal on their debut appearance losing to Kenya Administration Police 3-2.

“They reached the seminal and almost got to the final. If they had done a few things right in that game, they would have made it to finals,” said national team coach Anthony Ndawula.

But local teams are allowed to get players from other local teams to play for them. Don’t be shocked if you see, Nkumba’s setter Tony Lakony and receiver attacker Nepo Mohamed turning out for KAVC.

Teams which already have more than two foreign players registered with UVF can only have two of them for the NSSF-KAVC International. But only one is allowed on court at a time

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