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President Museveni walks out of the hydro power house shortly after after commissioning the 9MW Buseruka hydro power station in Hoima district_yesterday

President Museveni walks out of the hydro power house shortly after after commissioning the 9MW Buseruka hydro power station in Hoima district_yesterday
President Museveni (C) walks out of the hydro power house shortly after after commissioning the 9MW Buseruka hydro power station in Hoima district_yesterday

President Yoweri Museveni on Friday warned that no one can destabilize the country saying the NRM will defeat those telling lies to cause confusion like it defeated armed enemies; ADF, Kony and the Karimojong warriors.

“The good things have just started in Uganda. We finished the problem of murderers like Kony and the Karimojong cattle rustlers using guns and ADF from Congo. Now our army is stronger. Now nobody can destabilize Uganda. These politicians trying to cause confusion through lies using the radios are like children. They don’t know what they saying. If we can defeat those with guns, how about these ones who just talk. We brought radios to sensitize people on development. We didn’t bring them to spread lies. NRM brought peace to unite all Ugandans. Those discriminating between tribes should be rejected. Our strength as NRM is from uniting all Ugandans. That is why you hear that our army went to Somalia, Congo, Sudan etc and have done a good job, they see themselves as Ugandans. We don’t want people who create disunity among our people. Africa must go forward not backwards,” he said.

President Museveni revealed this on Friday after commissioning the newly constructed Kabalega power station on Wambabya River in Hoima district, adding an extra 9mw of power to the national grid to boost the national power production.

“In three years, we have commissioned six power projects. These projects, have 311mw combined. The colonialists took 70 years during which they made only 150mw. In three years we have doubled what they left,” he said.

President Museveni was yesterday commissioning the Kabalega Power station in Buseruka named in remembrance of the King of Bunyoro for his resistance against colonial rule. The Buseruka dam which produces 9mw of power is the six mini power project after Bujagali 262mw, Bugoye 13mw, Mpanga 18mw, Ishasha 6,1/2mw and Nyagak 3mw.

“Some don’t know that Uganda is moving fast forward and prefer to just telling lies. Those who want to work and can see with their eyes know that Uganda is progressing at great speed. This power is only from hydro projects, not diesel, or bioelectricity from sugar cane, etc.” he said. Drawing from an African proverb – “The one who doesn’t know that he has been left behind, thinks that they are waiting for him”, the President said various other smaller dams including that of Kikagati 16mw, Nshongezi 25mw, Citi 25mw, Muzizi 26, Achwa 42 and Nyamwamba 14mw will be complete in three years under the Uganda Rural electrification programme.

The President cautioned the people to be weary of politicians spreading lies and causing confusion, saying that government cannot implement all the projects once.

“There are people who are causing confusion here in Bunyoro here. They keep bringing lies here. I want to inform the people of Bunyoro that all these things we are doing are done with money, not using laughter. You don’t laugh and build a dam, you don’t laugh and build a tarmac road. Everything we do, we use money. Every year, there is a budget that the minister of Finance reads during the day detailing incomes and expenditures of government. For the liars to come here and tell you lies that all these projects can be done at once is regrettable. It is impossible,” he said.

The President said because of the prevailing peace and security government is handling one project at a time and has managed to accomplish several projects.

“Since the NRM came to power Kakumiro now has power, so does Kibaale, Kagadi, Burembo, Nalweyo etc all of which never had power before. For someone to say NRM has done nothing…there are still many things to do, but NRM has done something. Those make false statements should be rejected,” he said.

The President cautioned the people against environmental abuse saying for Uganda to have more power; we need more water from natural sources such as rivers and forests.

The President said with the prevailing peace, it is time for people to work because power is here, oil, infrastructure being worked on.

He commended the Africa Development Bank for providing the loan that built the dam, and the developers for investing in Uganda.

“Uganda is a good investment destination. I want to thank the Uganda government for building the power line from Buseruka to Hoima and giving electricity to the villages.

He also Cautioned against HIV/AIDS and urged religious leaders to lead the fight by talking against it during their sermons. He said AIDS scourge is bouncing back and cautioned people to be more cautious.

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  1. much as you a doing that good job, do the same against corruption sir. but sir Electricity tariffs are still high, you send their Hon sekikubo and his team to oversee them, there migth be some corrupt officials, as he is doing a good job also.

  2. Is it now “cool” for President Museveni to be clad in military uniform on every occasion?
    Or is he preparing himself to receive power from the military since we have been told to be on standby for an army takeover?

  3. M7 you amuse me,that no body can distabilise Uganda.

    You mentor Gadhafi had all the military might,Saddan Hussein,Mubarak are now history.
    Sit down with your people than threatening mature democratic politics.

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