North Korea Delivers New Year Message, Warns U.S Against Hostile Policies


North Korea Delivers New Year Message, Warns U.S Against Hostile Policies

By Patrick Ochaido

Supreme leader of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) has delivered a powerful New Year-2017 message and warned U.S against their hostile policies.

While making his New Year Address for 2017, Kim Jong Un said that last year an epochal turn was brought about in consolidating the defence capability of Juche Korea, and that DPRK achieved the status of a nuclear power, a military giant, in the East which no enemy, however formidable, would dare to provoke.

“We conducted the first H-bomb test, test-firing of various means of strike and nuclear warhead test successfully to cope with the imperialists’ nuclear war threats, which were growing more wicked day by day, briskly developed state-of-the-art military hardware, and entered the final stage of preparation for the test launch of intercontinental ballistic missile; we achieved other marvellous successes one after another for the consolidation of the defence capability,” Kim Jon Un said in his speech.

During an exclusive interview, Ri Hung Guk, the acting ambassador of North Korea to Uganda similarly, does not differ from Kim’s address.

Ri Hung said that his country will this year concentrate their efforts on implementing the five-year strategy for national economic development that among others includes strengthening the sector of science and technology to help on solving scientific and technological problems.

He however, warned that his country will also continue to build up our self-defence capability, the pivot of which is the nuclear forces, and the capability for preemptive strike as long as the United States and its vassal forces keep on nuclear threat and blackmail and as long as they do not stop their war games they stage at our doorstep disguising them as annual events.

“We will make a positive contribution to securing globe peace and security as a responsible nuclear power and we will not use our weapons on anyone unless they have attacked us,” he said.


He also said that the Supreme leader Kim Jong Un in his address made an appeal to all the fellow countrymen in the north, in the south and abroad that all should do something to make this year a meaningful year of a new phase in independent reunification by stepping up a nationwide grand march towards reunification through the concerted effort of the nation.

He added that this New Year DPRK is determined to work closely with African countries especially Uganda that enjoy a good diplomatic relations with them.

North Korea breaks silence on Trump’s election 

The DPRK has for the first time spoken about the election of Donald Trump as U.S’ 45th president.

Republican’s Trump won the general election on November 8, 2016 against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Ri said that his country does not care if Trump is president or not.

He added that the United State must roll back its hostile policy toward the DPR of Korea whoever the president is in U.S

“We don’t care who is or will be the president of U.S, we make an issue of their policies that have of recent been so hostile to us,” Ri Hung Guk said during an interview at their Embassy in Kololo.

He added, “U.S should roll back its hostile policies towards my country and some of these policies include the nuclear threats, blackmail, war games, inciting the anti-reunification forces in south Korea to confrontation with the fellow countrymen, war and so on.”

Ri Hung Guk who is sitting in the absence of Ambassador MyongKyong added that outgoing U.S president Barack Obama pushed hostile policies on his country prompting them to strengthen their military grip for purposes of self-defense in cases of attack.

“His (Obama) harsh policies to stifle and isolate our country compelled my country to achieve the status of a nuclear power for self-defense. Even insiders in Obama’s camp say that he was so harsh in his foreign policies,” Ri Hung said.


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