NOT FIT! Shame as Chinese Woman Dumps Lawyer Ssemakadde, Brands Him Unprofessional, Exploitative

A Collage of Lawyer Ssemakadde and the Termination Letter from Wang Yong Jie

A saying by Caroline Myss, an American author that; ‘’If anyone tries to complicate your life, turn and walk away from them’’, clearly illustrates why a Chinese lady Wang Yong Jie terminated the services of city lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde.

In her letter dated November 9th 2021, Titled; ‘Termination of your Legal Services’ addressed to Mr.Isaac Ssemakadde of Center for Legal Aide, a Chinese lady Wang Yong Jie from Jilin Province, Yanji City in the Republic of China and widow to the late Ji Zong Wu accused the former of plotting to exploit her for his financial gains and basically take advantage of her grief as a widow.

A Collage of Lawyer Ssemakadde and the Termination Letter from Wang Yong Jie

Detailing her five grounds written both in English and Chinese, on why she withdrew all the authorization for Ssemakadde to represent her concerning the death of her husband in any legal or media forum, Wang Yong Jie revealed that she has ethical concerns with the manner in which the former has conducted himself in respect to this matter.

The Widow in her letter to Ssemakadde says she reflected on the case which the latter filed in court and the circumstances of her husband’s death in Uganda as detailed in the poster mortem report and other medical records on his illness.

‘’I have also consulted my family as well as lawyers both in Uganda and China and come  to the conclusion that it is in my family’s best interest that I terminate our legal relationship’’, reads Wang Yong Jie’s letter to Ssemakadde.

She adds; ‘’to be honest, the following reasons have informed his decision; you want to exploit me for your financial gains and basically take advantage of my grief as a widow. Your behavior has been more towards gaining publicity for yourself and becoming an instant celebrity lawyer and not my family’s interests. Your behavior is unprofessional’’, she disclosed.

Wang Yong further noted that; ‘’you have abusive communication skills and have been disrespectful to different stakeholders on this matter. As your client, I find myself having to carry the burden and embarrassment of an unethical lawyer. I have since appointed a new team of legal advisors in Kampala who will follow the formal process of change of advocates and notify you accordingly. I thank you the short time we have interacted and wish you growth in your career as an upcoming lawyer with a bright future ‘’, said Wang Yong.

Efforts to get Ssemakadde were futile by Press time .

Termination Letter from Wang Yong Jie

Last month, Remarks ‘that were established to be slander’ about Mahathi Infra Uganda Limited landed lawyer Isaac Kimazze Ssemakadde of Centre for Legal Aid into problems.

Mahathi Infra Uganda Limited is a global company with branches in Uganda, India among other countries dealing in power, oil and gas.

The company which provides the infrastructure necessary to store and transport fuel and in East Africa it provides reliable seaborne transportation of oil from Kenya to Uganda with an aim to bring several benefits to the country and its economy has also built Uganda’s largest ship so far.

Ssemakadde , Founder and CEO at Legal Brains Trust has been battling public criticism since his press conference held at Club Obligato in Kampala where he paraded a Chinese lady Wang Yong Yie before the reporters.

Ssemakadde displayed the lady in her early 50s as a widow to the late Ji Zong Wu who died in Uganda on September 11, 2021. The deceased, according to Ssemakadde, reportedly traveled into the country to work at Mahathi Infra Uganda Ltd.

In the press conference, the embattled lawyer claimed that Zong was received by Mahathi Infra Uganda Limited, before the company treated him to all manner of infringement including but not limited to confiscation of his passport, overstaying his visa, forced and illegal employment, and finally death due to the company’s outrageous negligence.

Later in a media briefing held at Sheraton, Mahathi Infra, through their lawyers, Kirunda & Wasige Co.Advocates, denied ever recruiting Mr.Wu to work for them.

The company revealed that they never hired his services and so, dragging their brand into his ill-fated death aimed at causing reputational damage by lawyer Ssemakadde to attract unjustified concentration.

”Mr. Wu was not, at the time of his death, at the time of his coming into Uganda or at any point in his lifetime, an employee of Mahathi Infra Uganda Limited. Mahathi Infra did not recruit or procure Mr. Wu’s services in Uganda or from his country of origin. Mr. Wu’s widow is fully knowledgeable of who the deceased’s employer was,” said Kirunda.

Kirunda added that the Company and its principal persons and officers were treating the entirety of Ssemakadde’s communication as slanderous and defamatory material on the basis of which they have received firm and stern instructions to take decisive legal action.

”We will hold Mr.Semakadde and his clients to the strictest proof of their baseless, spurious and materially false allegations,” fumed counsel Kirunda

It is said that Wu’s services were procured by a different company and in the course of his employment, it was discovered that he suffered from Immunological disorders.

Kirunda further noted that;”Our client condoles with Mrs Wu on the unfortunate demise of her husband. However, it is regrettable that Mr.Wu’s unfortunate demise is now being used to distract Uganda from the critical investment that our client is undertaking in the country.”

”To our client’s knowledge, Mr. Wu died from the escalation of his medical condition, for which limitations of science, unfortunately, have not facilitated a cure yet. He was not a victim of any of the matters alleged in yesterday’s statement,” added Kirunda.

Wang Yong Jie letter has placed Ssemakadde in an embarrassment mode not only in Uganda but also abroad.

This is not the first time Ssemakadde is facing trouble over charges including offensive communication.

Last year Ssemakadde was arrested in Kampala for reportedly insulting DPP Abodo on social networking site Twitter.

He was held at CID headquarters in Kibuli for interrogation, facing the same charges as his client Nyanzi in the same year: cyber harassment and offensive communication.

In the tweet that landed Ssemakadde into trouble with Abodo, the controversial lawyer claimed there was no difference between the new DPP and her predecessors (who include Mike Chibita). He further described her as “a rotten tomato” and “just another puppet” which landed him in mess.

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