A new law that will see Chairpersons of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party officially recognised and allowed to attend District Council meetings is underway in Cabinet according to the Minister for Presidency, Milly Babalanda.

The Minister made the reservation while responding to NRM Chairperson Masaka who had sought clarification on the issue of the NRM Chairpersons being part of the teams monitoring and evaluating government programs.

To this, Babalanda explained that since RDCs/RCCs are servants under the NRM government, they ought to be aware that monitoring, supervision, and implementation of government projects have to be jointly done with the party Chairpersons in the various districts.

“Comrade, this does not require much explanation. The RDCs/RCCs and their deputies should know that we are serving under the NRM Government whereby the NRM Chairmen are mandated to monitor and supervise the implementation of the NRM Manifesto,” she said.

She further emphasised the importance of sharing information and in the same regard RDCs /RCCs immediately started incorporating the Chairpersons in the monitoring and supervision exercise of government activities.

“I am directing all the RDCs/RCCs to start involving the NRM Chairpersons in their monitoring and supervision activities,” the Minister ordered.

She, however, noted that there was a challenge of lack of a specific budget to facilitate the engagement. To mitigate this challenge, Babalanda said there is a proposal underway to amend the existing law so that the party leaders are officially permitted to participate in council proceedings, though in an ex-officio capacity.

The proposed amendment, the minister said, is being spearheaded by the NRM Secretary-General Todwong.

Once presented to the cabinet, Babalanda pledged full support to the proposed arrangement.

Also discussed at the workshop was the issue of disunity in the party which Kalungu RDC Caleb Tuhakakirize said was negatively impacting the manifesto implementation.

The Minister admitted that a lot needs to be done as far as cementing internal cohesion is concerned. She said the party was taking the matter seriously and that a Zoom meeting for the district security committed scheduled for 15th this month will have the NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong address the matter at length.

“The NRM leadership is not taking this matter lightly. We are coming up with strategies to diffuse this problem. For example, on 15th September 2021, I will address a national zoom meeting of the District Security Committees where the NRM Secretary-General will give more details on this matter,” said the Minister.

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