The National Resistance Movement has knifed all its staff saying it can no longer pay them a salary.

Party Secretary general announced the termination of all contracts affecting over 400 staff across the cocuntry.

Lumumba said: “This is a restructuring process. We have issues with payments. We are laying off 132 administrative secretaries at the District level, assistant secretaries and 157 staff members at the headquarters.”

Lumumba also announced that all staff will stay on their jobs for the next two months according  to their contracts and that they will be paid all their dues and then sent home to look for employment elsewhere.

She said that only that her office, as well as that of Legal director, Finance director, treasurer and deputy treasurer , Electoral commission and commissioner are not affected by the restructuring.

Lumumba said the NRM will recruit new staff to fill the vacancies of those terminated starting in the next two months.

Sources say the budget for clearing the salary arrears of the 132 District Administrative secretaries is over Shs800m because each one earns a salary of 900,000 per month and they haven’t been paid for 7 months.

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