NRM,Gen. Muhoozi Boy Hussein Ibra Turns MUK Graduation into M7 2026 Campaign bid

Hussein Ibra stood tall amidst the bustling crowd, the vibrant colors of his graduation robe contrasting with the solemnity of the moment.

As he stepped into the spotlight of Makerere University’s graduation tent, he held not just his degree, but a symbol of gratitude that would soon capture the attention of the nation.Clutched firmly in his hands was a portrait of His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of Uganda. The image of the president, framed in gold, seemed to radiate a sense of pride and accomplishment.

For Ibra, this portrait was more than just a decorative piece—it was a token of appreciation for the transformative impact the president had made on Uganda’s education system.As cameras flashed and whispers spread through the crowd, Ibra’s bold gesture began to make waves across social media platforms. Trending hashtags heralded his unconventional tribute, sparking debates and discussions far beyond the university grounds.

In interviews, Ibra articulated his deep-seated belief that Uganda’s education system had undergone a profound evolution under the leadership of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government. He credited President Museveni and his administration for spearheading initiatives that had expanded access to education, improved infrastructure, and elevated academic standards across the country. Despite the polarizing nature of his gesture, Ibra remained steadfast in his conviction that gratitude should transcend political divides.

He emphasized that his act was not an endorsement of any particular ideology, but a heartfelt expression of appreciation for the strides made in education during President Museveni’s tenure.Today, as Ibra proudly accepted his Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Sciences, he embodied a spirit of optimism and hope for Uganda’s future.

His actions served as a poignant reminder that amidst the complexities of politics, there is always room for gratitude and recognition of progress. And in that moment, Hussein Ibra became more than just a graduand—he became a symbol of unity, appreciation, and the power of education to transform lives.

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