Luweero District Woman MP Brenda Nabukenya Was among those Arrested yesterday

Kampala Central MP, Muhammad Nsereko, has promised to campaign for disgraced Luwero Woman MP Brenda Nabukenya who has been kicked out of parliament following the nullification of her election by court on Thursday.

Speaking to the press at Parliament, Hon Nsereko said that Nabukenya has to come back to Parliament because all the circumstances which led her to win NRM in last year’s by-elections still exist. He noted that people in Luwero are still battling with unemployment, bad infrastructural services and rampant poverty among others.

“I will lobby my colleagues from NRM to go and campaign for Nabukenya and make sure that we bring her back to parliament,” Hon Nsereko stated.

“Nakukenya is patriotic, principled and ready to fight for the freedom of the common man,” he added.

The High Court in Kampala nullified the election of Brenda Nabukenya and ordered for fresh elections yesterday morning.

Justice Vicente Zeukerize ruled that the Electoral Commission did not comply with electoral laws in the November 2011 by-elections after NRM’s Rebecca Nalwanga petitioned court protesting the Luweero district returning officer, Peter Kasozi’s decision to stop a vote recount exercise.

According to the returning officer, one of the ballot boxes had been tampered with.


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8 thoughts on “Nsereko Backs Nabukenya

  1. People have been wondering what had happened to you. Welcome with this controversy. As a self appointed adviser to you, Hon Nsereko, I beg you to move out of NRM. Why keep on wearing a jacket with thorns on the inside. Just drop it and come clean.

  2. “people in Luwero are still battling with unemployment, bad infrastructure and rampant poverty among others.”
    So what will Nabukenya do about this? What has she done about it since she came to parliament?

  3. Nsereko i thought that you are a lawyer but you take long to understand multiparty politics why cant you resign and join the opposition for God’s sake,you confuse the game of politics. don’t look for cheap popularity but stick to the values you represent. don’t for get that the people who voted you are typically NRM(bafumbira,batoro and banyankole, bakiga) who are the majority in your constituency.Nabukenya does not belong to NRM for you to support her.

  4. am sure you will come back to the house, this Government dose not want open minded people because of rampant corrupt officials in the Government.poeple of Luwero it’s time for you to stand and vote again.

  5. I always asks my self why someone who is judged to have won an election through malpractice is allowed to stand in the by election thereafter? a ten year ban on contesting for any elected public officer would be a more relevant deterrent to this vice!

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