GERALDINE Ssali is the new acting managing director of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

GERALDINE Ssali is the new acting managing director of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).
GERALDINE Ssali is the new acting managing director of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

Geraldine Ssali, a renowned international finance manager, has been appointed the acting managing director of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

Ssali NSSF’s deputy MD until today replaces her former boss Mr Richard Byarugaba, whose contract expired with “immediate effect” on December 31st 2013 exited the organisation he has managed for the last three years.

The Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development Maria Kiwanuka, recently made a decision to internationally recruit all Senior Management positions, including those of Managing Director and Corporation Secretary.

Ssali formerly worked as the head of the directorate of management unit in Her Majesty’s Treasury in the United Kingdom (Ministry of Finance) before joining the Fund March 2011.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, economics and statistics from Makerere University and a masters degree in business administration from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

Ssali is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Mr Byarugaba however said he would re-apply for the job.
“A procurement contractor has been brought on board and what I can tell you is that I will re-apply for the job.”

The Finance Minister, Maria Kiwanuka, early in July directed that all executive positions at NSSF be advertised internationally to have a new team in place by start of 2014, a move that would affect between 10 and 15 managers.

This came after the IGG launched investigations into allegations of mismanagement, abuse of office and fraudulent transactions by top officials.

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6 thoughts on “NSSF Gets New MD

  1. i wish that man Richard bounces back at NSSF because though ive not met him personally but many Ugandans and even employees at the facility’s headquarters speak good of him especially for the reforms and policies he has introduced. let us pray that either he comes back or another equally competent person is appointed

    1. nonsense.let him go.power must change hands,ugandans should learn to handover office,no matter how goodd they have been.

  2. I welcome Geraldine as the NSSF MD. For the last three years, the IGG, Auditor General and Finance minister (Maria Kiwanuka) have been informed and have been aware of a high scale corruption, misuse of workers money, nepotism and mismanagement at NSSF. The Ugandan media has even made it worse to sweep anything that involves Byarugaba and his team under the carpet. Now that Byarugaba has paved way, workers who save with NSSF need an investigation into these allegations. I commend Maria Kiwanuka to asking Byarugaba to step aside. She should do the workers a favour by carrying out an investigation on Byarugaba and his team because the Ugandan media was being compromised on the anything to do with Byarugaba and his team. NSSF needs a non-Ugandan to manage it.

    1. Tumwine H people of your mind-set are danger to Uganda’s growth in terms of human resource. It is because of your mind-set that some of our people are not aggressive enough to take on lucrative leadership positions. The acting MD of NSSF is Ugandan though she has a working experience from the UK If you think you do not have what it takes to assume these positions then stay laid back and let those who are able take on the mantle. Richard Byarugaba has tried his best however the institution is still faced with misuse of members money so that probably dampened his efforts. Richard B is far better than Chandi Jamwa David because he didn’t allow politicians to arm twist him

  3. I think we should appreciate what Mr. Byarugaba has done at NSSF. If you compare it with the former MD…………….he is far far better! He has fairly managed the Fund; though we don’t know whats underneath the table. Anyhow, its not good to over ask what chicken eats; the Kiganda goes……….

  4. True Patriot, there is nothing to get ashamed of and I stand by my post. All Ugandan managers have always been implicated in mismanagement of workers money and high-scale corruption in the fund body. The allegations and reports about misuse of workers money, nepotism and mismanagement of workers money have been circulating for the last three years but no Ugandan media ( apart from the investigator) reported about it. What else could describe why the Ugandan newspapers did not report anything about Byarugaba and his team apart from compromise? All in all, NSSF should try a non-Ugandan.

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