NTV In Hot Soup For Axing Fabiola

Days after terminating Anita Fabiola’s contract, Serena-based NTV may be regretting on their decision considering the massive outrage from the public on social media.

Sexy Anita Kyarimpa
Sexy Anita Kyarimpa

Celebrities, Socialites and elites have come out to express their disgust towards the station for the ‘inhumane’ decision they took.

Currently, there is trending hashtag #BringBackFabiola with various social media geeks joining the campaign to redeem her career.

Apparently, some people are advocating for a massive boycott of the program just in case they plan to continue running it.

According to some disgruntled snoops, the only thing that used to attract them to the show was Fabiola’s seasonal hips and constant beauty.

Key ring leaders in the campaign are James Onen AKA Fatboy, Jacobs Seaman, Muhereza Kyamuterera among others who have with passion criticized NTV‘s decision.

Currently, Fabiola’s media career remains a mystery since she seems too humiliated to make a comeback

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