NUP commemorates November riots, demands justice for victims

NUP members demanded that the government provide a thorough report on the deaths of Ugandans

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The opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) party’s leaders and adherents have reaffirmed their call for justice for the 2020 riot victims.

Special prayers were held on Sunday, November 19, 2023, by party members who assembled at the NUP party headquarters in Makerere Kavule, Kampala.

About 50 Ugandans lost their lives during the 2020 November riots, which took place on both the 19th and 18th.


Under the leadership of Robert Kyagulanyi, the party president, NUP members demanded that the government provide a thorough report on the deaths of Ugandans. According to Kyagulanyi, the government ought to compile a list of the murderers and bring them to justice.

“We all know that the court awarded Amos Ssegawa’s mother Shs50 million after convicting the government for killing her son during the riots, but that is not enough; Ssegawa was killed by someone; we would like to see the culprit arraigned in court,” he said.

He added, “We have also not given up; we shall continue to use all the avenues [available], including social media, to advocate for justice.”

Some of the NUP leaders who attended the commemoration

The NUP party president also exhorted Ugandans to reveal the crimes that the dictatorship has committed by using different social media platforms.

Lewis Rubongoya, the party secretary for the NUP, commended the victims’ families for seeking justice despite intimidation and threats. He exhorted party leaders to be true to their cause of defending independence.

“Three years have passed since our friends passed away, but neither justice nor accountability have been served for their deaths. Thus, we insist that [pursuing justice] is our mandate as leaders. Let us consider our departed people,” he said.

About three days ago, Matthias Schauer, the German ambassador to Uganda, joined his voice in the growing chorus calling for responsibility and justice for the deaths.

Leading the prayers was Mukono District pastor Fredrick Isabirye, who urged NUP officials to prioritise God.




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