Nwagi in a controversial nude video

Nwagi in a controversial nude video

Singer and sex goddess Winnie Nwagi, is in a notorious nude video where she teases horny men in a romantic naked dance.

It is alleged that the video was leaked by Ray Supasta who had threatened to  out videos which Winnie Nwagi would never want the public to see.

These two have had misunderstandings for a quite long time and the guy leaked some photos of Nwagi and promised the public to release the video which he finally released.

In the first episode where Ray Supasta exposed the dirty past of Nwagi, the well curved singer came up not denying the claims made by Ray but rather acknowledging them as her “jenvudde”.

The video features the allegedly dancing Winnie Nwagi dressed in all white attire with a panty showing her big butt and unimaginable gigantic bean.

She is seen dancing to her famous style as she lifts her hand close to her waist swinging it around as she does it in the famous Musawo song.

It is alleged that the video which causes immediate scrotal eruptions was filmed in a hotel room in U.S as she couldn’t control the happiness of being in America for the first time in her life.

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