Obama Asked Me Why I Always Look Young—M7


President Yoweri Museveni has said that when he met USA President recently in Addis Ababa, he asked him why he always looks young.

why young

Museveni disclosed the information on Friday afternoon while addressing the East African Community (EALA) Legislative Assembly at Parliament.

“Recently I was with President Obama in Addis and he asked why I always look young, I told him I eat Ugandan food,” Museveni said.

On Wednesday this week while addressing a rally in Kayuga Town, Museveni amazed the audience when he said that he feels like he is 30yrs old.

“In September I will be clocking 71 years. But despite being an old man, I feel strong like a 30-year-old young man,” he said

Museveni address was centered at the regional body economy, politics and Uganda Kenya sugar deal signed recently which has caused outrages among a section of Kenyans and opposition politicians.

On the state of Uganda’s economy, he said; “Uganda will become a middle income country in next few years, and I am sure we will be a first world country in like 20yrs.”

On the Uganda, Kenya trade, he said that it is Kenya which is supposed to be supporting the former’s economy.

“I was telling President Kenyatta that Uganda has been contributing to Kenya’s prosperity for so many years,” Museveni said adding; “I was also telling those Kenyan directors that they should be the ones supporting Uganda’s prosperity.”

On the issue of Burundi, he said “If Burundi cannot afford the East African Community membership fee; it should be us, the rest of the East African Community members to pay for them.”

Museveni expressed dismay at Raila Odinga’s response to the sugar deal signed recently that would see Uganda export sugar to Kenya.

“I was surprised that my younger brother Raila was attacking Ugandan sugar, I should ring him and say, please don’t waste our time…How can your job be directing the Ugandan sugar away? Yet we have supported your prosperity for so many years?” Museveni asked.

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