ODM Endorses Premier Raila Odinga To Contest Kenya’s Presidency

Kenya's former Prime Minister and opposition leader Raila Odinga

Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga

Orange Democratic Movement delegates on Friday endorsed Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s nomination to contest Kenya’s presidency at Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani in Nairobi.

Odinga will be running next year for the east African nation’s top job.

Speaking after the nomination, Prime inister said his party represents the interests of 40 million Kenyans and that he wanted to sign an agreement with Kenyans about the services he hopes to deliver when he wins the poll.

It was a colourful event at the Moi International Centre attended by Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka, politicians from Tanzania, Uganda and Sudan.

Premier Odinga was endorsed to run for the presidency at the same venue by ODM in 2007 for the ill-fated elections that ended in violence. He was not successful in his bid then.

Odinga reiterated that creation of jobs would go hand in hand with investment in infrastructure, which was ODM’s main goal in 2007.

“We will ensure that every child gets quality education regardless of the economic status of their parents,” he said.

Kenya’s last General Election was marked by the worst violence since independence 49 years ago. This, said Mr Odinga, should never be allowed to happen again.

ODM also unveiled a new six-point manifesto which it termed a “renewed commitment” from that made in 2007.

The main ideas are rule of law and an end to impunity, genuine devolution of power and resources, wealth and job creation, equal protection and social protection for all, one united Kenyan nation and land reforms.

Mr Musyoka said his Wiper party would also nominate its presidential candidate before CORD meets to discuss how to nominate the coalition’s flag bearer.

Mr Tsvangirai asked ODM to implement the manifesto fully if it ascends to power.

He asked Kenyans to vote decisively and avoid going the way of another coalition as “pull and push forces are usually not good for development”.

He said despite the problems bedevilling both countries, it would be possible to avoid “Afro-pessimism” by holding credible elections and setting up governments that would deliver on their pledges.

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  1. Bravo ‘Aguambo” upon your nomination. You are the kind of brave, patient and tolerant leader that Africa needs. Long live Amolo Tinga!

  2. Wining, he must win but what if Kinyatta and Ruto do him a Kibaki again? you see thy are Kalengins and Kikuyus.

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