Oil was discovered by the NRM under my direct command-M7


President Museveni has revealed that oil was discovered by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) under his command.


Museveni made the remark at the presidential debate on Saturday night as he dismissed claims by Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate Kizza Besigye that oil can be a curse and that oil existed in Uganda long time ago.

“Oil was discovered by the NRM under my leadership and direct command. I trained the scientists,” Museveni said. “The British looked for between 1920 and 1956 and wrote a report that there was no oil.”

On oil money accountability, he said “”If you want good accountability don’t make false accusations. There is no government that is accountable like the NRM…I do not think there’s anybody who can be as accountable. Petroleum Law was passed by parliament.”

Besigye argued that “oil is certainly a curse in the hands of an unaccountable regime. Can lead to distortions in the economy, imbalances.”

Responding to Museveni claims that oil was discovered by NRM under his command, Besigye noted “It is fact that he (Museveni) should be familiar with that oil was known to be in the Albertine even before Independence.”

Besigye also submitted that “the petroleum law candidate Museveni” talked about to present his government as accountable was made after “NRM MPs had been briefed in Kyankwanzi.”

Abed Bwanika said oil belongs to the people of Uganda not anyone. “This notion that oil belongs to individuals should never be heard of. Oil belongs to Ugandans and not individuals.”

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