Statement No. 1 .From the SUDAN Transitional military council

Minister of Defense Takes Over

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
O Sudanese people hero:
They have been your armed forces and the rapid support and the unified police
It monitors the developments in the past period, the deteriorating living and service conditions and the failure of the government to provide the most basic necessities of decent living.
We have facilitated your glorious uprising, which was a model that captures the will of the people to change peacefully, patiently and in spite of oppression, torture and murder.

It has decided to dismiss the mashir, Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir from all his positions …
His deputies, his advisers, his aides and his government

To announce the formation of a transitional government of one year only, we have heard your request for the receipt of power and delivered to you ..
According to a peaceful transition to the people you choose.
I and my colleagues in the Transitional Government are loyal to the Sudan until we hand them over to those who represent you on April 6 next year, God willing.
Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the regular forces …
Now is the time of cohesion with the people who came from his mercy and remove the gap and the gulf, you are working and sacrificing for the homeland Sudan and not for people ..
And as the commander-in-chief of the regular forces
I order you not to shoot or tear gas at the processions of joy.
And that the forces should maintain discipline throughout the country.

I also love to have mercy on our cousins ​​who lost them asking the Molly Almighty to accept them in his room, and heal the wounded.
And thank the gathering of professionals for their great efforts in the last phase and continue with the same strength for the next stage and thank the Kandakat symbol of steadfast sisters skilled.
And thanks to all the Sudanese people, who gave precious and generous until the sun rose to change ..
From today, we will embark on a new homeland that is full of freedom of peace, justice and development. We join the same world in harmony. We are a nation that loves peace and loves love.

Because of the failure of the previous government, we lost dear friends from neighboring countries and brothers from the countries of the world. We are a people that does not know terrorism and does not issue it.
on him
Announced the formation of the Military Council headed by the first team, corner engineer, Emaduddin Adawi. And his deputy, Mohammed Hamdan Daklu, and the membership of ten honorable officers.

The Sudanese people
I will meet you tomorrow, God willing, at 1:00 pm of the revolution time before the General Command of the Armed Forces
To announce a new phase in Sudan’s history
Allah is the greatest
And pride for Sudan

Your faithful servant
Major General. Alaauddin Abdullah Mohammed Spokesman for the Transitional Military Council

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