One for the gram! Fille’s cousin films herself after smashing MC Kats

By Zam Quitah

Kampala – With the widely mushrooming social media applause and attention, not even your own shadow can be trusted around a mobile device.

A large number will go an extra mile to do the unthinkable for the views, wows and likes; the latest victim being our own MC Kats.

The Iconic king of the mic (well that is what he refers himself to) has got his soup served really hot this afternoon after he got himself slapped with a 1-minute clip of his post chaw moments that made rounds on social media.

In the video, a one Faith Ntaborwa, a former Fame Lounge employee and alleged cousin to Fille, MC Kats’ baby mama is seen all smiley and satisfied.

The short clip shows Faith seated in a chair as the chief banger reluctantly lays on a brown couch with leftover food, cigarettes and used condoms taking refuge on the messy floor.

Oh, by the way, the lady in the video goes ahead to display the brand of condoms used, might be for recommendation purposes. We leave that to you. .

The short but alarming has caught several people’s attention across different social media platforms and it has got talking. A case in point is a one Kayiwa Andrew, a Facebook user. In a random comment he is quoted saying “babe is brave….she deserves a gold medal on Hero’s day”

For a period of several months, MC Kats has been in the media for quite emotional and interesting reasons. From being thoroughly battered by his on and off girlfriend, to publicly revealing his HIV status, getting forced into rehab, Being betrayed by his friend(we are not sure they really are😉 🙂) and his great escape to the Man of God. There is really a lot going on and we hope the NBS After5 host will receive a lighter beating after this naughty escapade.

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