OPERATION SHUJAA! 3 terrorists killed, 8 guns recovered

The joint forces of Uganda People’s defense forces (UPDF) and the armed forces of the Congolese Army (FARDC) in their continuing operation code named Shujaa against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) have registered more successes against the ADF.

In the latest onslaught, 3 ADF rebels were killed and a cache of weapons recovered.

According to Maj.Bilal Katamba, the public information officer UPDF Mountain Division /operation Shujaa, at around 10:00 am on 30th July, 2023 in the general areas of Talia, North Kivu province in DRC, the joint forces’ 15th battalion came in contact with the ADF in a group of around 10-15.

The joint forces operating in sector three under 3rd mountain battalion had also the previous day at around 2:40 pm on the 29th July, 2023, in the general areas of Ndalia North East of Tingwe engaged the terrorists group.

In both operations, three rebels were killed. A cache of weapons recovered include seven SMGs and 155 rounds, one PMK and 58 rounds, three EIDs, three empty magazines and PMK chains, and six Radio calls/ walkie talkies.

“The joint forces continue to hunt down the ADF scattered terrorists to ensure the area is left peaceful. We congratulate the joint forces of 3rd mountain and 15th infantry battalions for the successes achieved. Any further engagements will be communicated,” Maj. Bilal said.

On November 18, 2021, the UPDF launched Operation Shujaa with artillery strikes against ADF hideouts in the thick DRC forests. Over 600 terrorists have been killed, scores captured, camps destroyed and several weapons captured.

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