OPINION: Misguided group at ONC led by Hajjat Hadija Namyalo Uzeiye


It’s so unfortunate the current Office of NRM National Chairman (ONC) based in Kyambogo leadership has completely gone bare knuckles to create complete disunity and mutiny in the once more united NRM family.

This misguided group of self-seekers has now given itself a new task of demobilising and branding all MK supporters as opposition.

As our great supreme leader Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba quoted—“Whoever fights him he is fighting his father and whoever is fighting his father is fighting him directly”—people like Uzeiye and her people have failed to completely understand this statement.

We as MK supporters are completely Musevenists, we have never ceased supporting him. This narrative of thinking we oppose him is just created by selfish people who want to continue plundering this great nation.

It’s quite unfortunate that even some young people are falling for some small peanuts from these self-seekers.

Our major interest as the young generation of Uganda who believe in Gen Muhoozi as our next president is to continue the big legacy of President Museveni and even make Uganda a much better place to live in.

The transition from Gen Museveni to Gen Muhoozi benefits Historicals, President Museveni, NRM party and Uganda at large.

So those with weak minds trying to stop the transition you’re only digging the grave where you will bury your great future.

One great thinker once quoted that if we all don’t get a common stand supported by the masses we shall all perish like fools.

For that reason we genuinely ask our great father of the region and fountain of honor to reign on this misguided group at ONC.

The young generation is already organized and very ready to take over leadership from the old guard.

Team chairman MK project led by Toyota Michael Kaguta has already united young people all over Uganda to champion a common cause and agenda which is very patriotic and good for our great country Uganda. We are very many and you can never buy all of us.

But what we want to assure Ugandans, no matter the challenges, we shall keep moving. There is nothing that can stop the Muhoozi presidency because our lord God is with us.

Let’s stay focused until we achieve our Generational mission.

The author is an MK Movement mobiliser.

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