OPM SCAM: Mirundi Caution, Reason Kadaga Stopped Probe

Parliament Speaker Rebeca Kadaga

Parliament Speaker Rebeca Kadaga
Parliament Speaker Rebeca Kadaga

We have reliably learnt that before Parliament resumed business last week, Presidential Press Secretary, Joseph tamale Mirundi, held talks with Kadaga in her office at Parliament.insiders say that Mirundi cautioned Kadaga that she should avoid being manipulated by some opposition politicians who are interested at having her at war path with President Museveni. the motormouthed Press Secretary revealed to the Kamuli Woman MP that it was col. Kizza besigye’s interest to have Kadaga at logger heads with her boss so that nrM MPs are in turn mobilised to shun her and subsequently censured from the Speaker’s office. Mirundi kept reminding Kadaga that besigye is such a selfish politician whom she shouldn’t have any links with. those who attended the meeting intimated to us that throughout Mirundi’s lecture, Kadaga kept her left palm on her cheek with occasional nodding of her head in approval of what Mirundi was telling her. At the end of that meeting, Kadaga

pledged to the Press Secretary that she won’t be confrontational with the President anymore.

She even expressed her happiness as to how she is now in regular consultations with Museveni especially on phone on every issue before she takes a decision.

Fear Over Her seat

Kadaga is also concerned that there is a determined and deliberate move to ensure that she loses her Kamuli Woman MP seat come 2016, if she continues to be on a confrontational line with President Museveni. for instance, minister Asuman Kiyingi who is a blue eyed boy of the President is always visible in Kadaga’s constituency. During his mobilisation tours in Kadaga’s constituency, Kiyingi openly tells Kamuli residents that if the woman Speaker remains confrontational, they should

next time vote rehema Wentangule. Additionally, he distributes t-shirts with Museveni’s portrait. it

should be recalled that at the height of mobilising signatures to have Parliament recalled from recess over nebanda’s death, Kiyingi went ahead and chaired meetings at his palatial home along entebbe road with the view of initiating a censure petition against Kadaga. Apparently, among the legislators Kiyingi met to have the censure petition kick off is nuru byamukama, a known confidant of Kadaga. byamukama subsequently revealed this to the woman Speaker. Kadaga moved first and summon

MPs from busoga who are her confidants. the meeting took place in her office where she asked them for their support in the face of what she described as Kiyingi’s deliberate effor t to make

her politically irrelevant. She distanced herself from claims that she quietly supported the petition to

recall Parliament.

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4 thoughts on “OPM SCAM: Mirundi Caution, Reason Kadaga Stopped Probe

  1. This is Uganda. The Bible is clear, everything has its time. Kadaga gain your heart and work according to your ablity in consonance with the law. The rest leave to God. Time is coming for everything.

  2. Thieves in the World are the same and they always want their side to be hard more than the rest Ugandan NRM government IS NOT EXCEPTION.

  3. So, is she a speaker for the Ugandan Parliament or a speaker for the NRM parliament? I think in some cases she should be fair to ensure that all citizens are equal in line with the National Constitution. True, she belongs to NRM, but originally, she is a Ugandan whose biased decision may affect all citizens regardless of their political ideologies. The only problem among most Ugandan politicians is envy sugar coated with intrigue. I thought Minister Kiyingi would guide his sister rather than tarnishing her political chair through underground movement. UNITE FOR THE GOOD OF OUR NATION coz UPC, ruled and it went,NRM, DP, FDC, CP, PPP etc all recently began and not all will control Uganda forever. Uganda will stay and continue evolving with new ideas, leaders, generations, political parties etc. We should work for a better Nation through unity not political rivalry January to December.

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