UPC President Olara Otunnu who is also in court over Defaming President Museveni

UPC President Olara Otunnu
UPC President Olara Otunnu

UPC President Olara Otunnu yesterday announced he wasn’t scared of President Museveni being angry about his comments on the death of Butaleja MP Cerinah Nebanda.

We had contacted Otunnu after learning from sources in the Ministry of Justice that the Attorney General Peter Nyombi had been instructed to sue Otunnu and the media houses which propagated what he said about Nebanda’s death.

Otunnu told a press conference last week that there was nothing new about Nebanda’s mysterious death saying that many other vocal politicians had died under similar circumstances in the past. He gave examples of many such mysterious deaths.

This, we can reveal, didn’t go down well with State House especially after Museveni had said whoever disagreed with the autopsy report that Nebanda died of narcotic drugs over dose and alcoholic poisoning was “a fool and idiot.”

Consequently, the Attorney General yesterday wrote to the media houses which carried Otunnu’s remarks demanding that they apologize or risk being sued for defaming the government.

The Attorney General, in notices of intention to sue, reportedly gave the media houses five days within which to retract the stories or else be sued in civil courts for defaming government officials through Otunnu’s remarks.

“I have heard those rumors also but I urge the media houses to just ignore because I’m Ambassador Olara Otunnu who never speaks without evidence. Let them sue me alone and I will unleash my facts before courts of law,” said Otunnu, who sounded unrepentant on phone.

This is the second time Otunnu has courted trouble for uttering uncharitable statements about the state and more so president Yoweri Museveni.

In 2010, he accused the government of leasing out water bodies and then, the man from Mcwini got away with it when he successfully defied summons by CID. He had made these remarks while appearing on a talk show on Dokolo MP Felix Okot Ogong’s radio in Lira.

Each time the CID operatives tried to arrest him at Uganda House, Otunnu would lock himself in the office and ring media houses to come and witness what was expected to be his forceful arrest. In the end the state gave up and the case died a natural death.

Reported By John V Serwaniko

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  1. An irrelevant politician trying to remain relevant. He could not even vote for himself in the last elections and he is now misusing the free press that Museveni has given him which by the way he and his uncles in 1985 trampled on. Shame on you Otunnu the traitor who had no problem stabbing the back of the man who made him ‘ambassador’ i.e Obote. Nebanda’s family whose death directly affects them still choose NRM. Does Otunnu make any sense?

  2. I don’t remember where Nyombi went to school. But Otunu was in Buddu, Makerere ,Oxford and Harvard.

  3. what a government we have in Uganda! you disagree with a government report and the so-called fountain of honor “orders” your arrest! wow

    it’s no wonder, with a government like this, they prosecute the messenger and eave the culprit alone. the bogus bunch spends public money in keeping everybody on his toes, and boasts at it. we can only get out of this quagmire by throwing these totally useless bunch out

  4. John conveniently forgets to tell us how he is trying to remain relevant instead of addressing the real issue. Usually, when people resort to ad hominem arguments, it is because they have nothing better to say. Also, what usually ends up happening is ad baculum which simply means, resorting to .. .. .you guessed it.

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