Parliament Approves Creation Of 43 Counties


The Minister of Local Government and Public Service, Hon Adolf Mwesige, yesterday, Tuesday, 4th August, 2015  moved a Motion proposing an amendment to increase the number of counties from 39 to 43 after the Ministry received petitions from various constituencies.


“I propose an amendment to increase the new counties as follows; Terego County East, Torchi County to be curved from Omoro County and the current Madi–Okollo county to be divided into Upper Madi-Okollo and Lower Madi-Okollo” he said.

Hon. Mwesige informed the Members that the resolutions from the districts backing these new counties had been presented to the Ministry of Local Government and that the Ministry of Finance had revised its Certificate of Financial Implication to accommodate the new counties.

The Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Wafula Oguttu, while responding to the Minister’s statement, sought to clarify the criteria that the government was using in creating the new counties.

“There are many areas with bigger populations which have not been given counties for which they requested. What are we going to tell the people who vote us when they ask why they did not get counties?” he inquired.

Hon. Jacob Oboth, West Budama County South, commended the Minister for the Motion moved which he said was amendable.

“I move a Motion under Rule 51(a), without notice to amend the Minister’s Motion, to include West Budama Central among others,” he said.

Hon. Mwesige, while responding to the queries informed the Members that, the criteria was given to the Committee in detail and the Committee in turn gave a comprehensive report on the same.

The Motion on the new counties was passed and they took effect from 1st July 2015. As a result the number of legislators will increase to 414 in the 10th Parliament, while the current districts, counties and interest groups in the House remain unchanged.

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