Parliament Passes Tobacco Control Bill

Parliament yesterday passed Tobacco Control Bill that seeks to protect the right to health and to life by regulating tobacco manufacture, sponsorship and protecting children from consuming cigarettes and tobacco products.


The bill was suspended last week by Deputy Speaker after legislators failed to agree on contentious clauses.

Budadiri west MP Hon Nandala Mafabi admitted that he was not consulted on the Tobacco Control Bill yet he was one of the MPs with interests in the bill.

However, yesterday, legislators came to a consensus on the bill after amending a number of clauses and thereafter passing it.

Among the clauses deleted were 44 which empowered minister to designate non smoking areas.

After consultation on the Tobacco Control Bill, the Interested MPs agreed to amend a number of including clause 14 on % of the text and pictures comprising the health warnings and messages.

The private members bill was tabled in parliament by Kinkiizi West Member of Parliament Hon. Chris Baryomunsi in March 2014.

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